Saturday, September 27, 2008

Red S. Tater Consistently Wrong

Red S. Tater recently got up on his hind legs and posted "Pre-Remedial Lesson For Democrats On "The War" , snottily stating, "Try to follow along..I'll make it as simple as possible." Note to the Tater toddlers of the world, if you are going to hold yourself up as intellectual elitists, historians and all around smug assholes, you should at least be able to count to three. I'm not kidding because Red goes point-by-point and numbers them 1-2-2-3...

Leaving aside Red's apparent inability to count past two with much success, it is interesting to note he names Clinton twice in his post (to set the tone) and mentions Bush not at all. Even with his fascination with Clinton, he neglects to note the first world trade center attack occurred 37 days after Clinton took office. No one blamed Bush the Senior because when you sit in the big chair you are either responsible or irresponsible. Every terrorist involved in the attack under Clinton is rotting in an American jail.

Bush the shrub was in office for 9 months and had 52 separate warnings according to the bi-partisan 9/11 commission report. Bush never even called a meeting before 9/11 and Osama bin Laden is still in the wind.

But this misses the entire point of Red's post, which is to conflate 9/11 with Iraq. Even Bush the shrub has said there is no connection. I actually missed the memo where Saddam Hussein was planning to invade Nebraska. Iraq did not attack us, they had no WMD's, and were not affiliated with those who did attack us.

Red piddles his pampers shrieking about Saddam and nuclear weapons. This issue was addressed as a red herring. Bush mentioned it in his SOTU address (the famous sixteen words). Condi and Cheney and Ronald Dumsfeld all repeated the "mushroom cloud" scenario to propel us into Iraq.

Joe Wilson exposed this as a fraud, which resulted in Dick Cheney's chief of staff being convicted of numerous felonies and sentenced to prison. Curiously Red included this:
(with full congressional support from the majority of Democrats) the US and it's allies launch an all-out attack on Saddam Hussein and the Republican Guard Army in Iraq...
This is just flat false. For the record, Democrats voted 147-110 against the Authorization to use force in Iraq. Since Red cannot count to three, we shouldn't expect him to understand concepts like more than and less than.

Feeling Sergie

Iraq has over 4 million refugees, 2 million in country and 2 million out of country. Untold thousands have been killed and Baghdad is as segregated as sister-fuck Alabama in 1950. Another factor in reducing violence is plain old bribery. That's right, just like Guido's protection racket, America has put Sunni's (Osama is a Sunni) in Anbar on our payroll, but this shouldn't be considered negotiating with terrorists:
"Right now I've got 34 concerned citizen groups under contract and that is costing me 7.5 million dollars every 60-90 days," Lynch tells AFP, adding that 25 groups are Sunni, nine Shiite.
Also, we put an additional 30,000 troops into Iraq. Red stamps his baby gap cowboy boots and screams, "THE SURGE IS WERRRRKING! WHY WON'T ANYBODY LISTEN!!" Glad he's so happy that Baghdad is getting a ferris wheel. Actually, I am too. Those poor bastards need some reason to smile. Not only did they benefit from all those "freedom bombs" but they had to put up with this shit as well.

Red should stick with the tried and true method of right-wing blogging:
Serial cut-n-paste right-wing talking point pez-dispensers gathering data for the hive-mind collective.
Don't try to think for yourself Tatertoddler, you're working shorthanded.


I am thoroughly disappointed that Tatertoddler has refused to respond. I think he is yellow. Maybe I have offended his delicate sensibilities, like Nancy did to Boner and the rest of the republicans who scampered in search of their binkies like a fucking worthless sack of pussies.

I posted a comment over at red's blogocrib, which he would never have published except (snicker) I told him I would cut-n-paste it over here. Here is my double dog throw-down to tatertoddler in full:
Hello, Old friend, it's you favorite neighborhood moonbat again. Sometimes I like to stroll through the wing'tard neighborhood and see what's cooking.
I see you got numero uno (that's number one for those of you who hate any language other than European, as opposed to Navajo, Comanche, Cherokee etc). Congratulations.
Of course you realize being number one paints a great big target on your wing'tard ass, and I put up a post over at my place calling you out on your ring of diamond hard stupidity. You don't have a hair on your ass if you take that shit for one minute. Perhaps you are a Boehner republican who runs for his binky when someone says something mean to him.

But this comment isn't about that. Rather a friendly wager. I bet you a steak dinner (yes I dine on red meat) on the Presidency of the United States.

I say Barack Obama wins. What say you? Loser pays and winner picks the restaurant. Has to be in OKC and only two people at the table, you and I.

I noticed that you have moderated your comments and some of mine get scrubbed. I'll post this comment as an update, just so it'll see the light of day, and America will know that I am calling you out as a braindead chickenshit wing'tard. Defend yourself.

Red plays checkers while I play chess. Where are you, stoopid?? Red Rover Red rover...


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Oilfieldguy said...

Thanks Danny! Red had it coming.

Red S Tater said...

wow... I'm flattered. I must admit, you caught the tater.. I didn't think you could get past 2... and I was right.

As far as being consistently wrong goes... I do consider you an expert on the subject, but that fact kinda disqualifies you for a fair and balanced, valid approach to "wrong".

I'm sorry I missed your post until now and there you were calling for me and everything. How nice.

I must have missed your post on how outraged you are about this ACORN voter fraud scandal?

Red S Tater said...

While you're screaming I was wrong about Iraq, evidence mounts that there were connections between Al Qaeda and Iraq (not 9-11 and iraq as you like to claim we say). Keep setting up your little pretend strawman arguments if that's all you've got.

Iraq is a flourishing success, the surge did work... so well that Obama is using it in Afghanistan in fact.

You're civil war wasn't, your quagmire isn't and that makes YOU consistently wrong.