Sunday, December 30, 2007


The Dean of the Washington Press Corps, David Broder, has an article up at WaPoo outlining a meeting of very serious and mostly retired moderates from both parties that will take place in my state Just prior to the Iowa caucuses. The meeting will be hosted by David Boren, the Rocky Marciano of politics, having retired from politics undefeated. He is now President of The University of Oklahoma, where the meeting will take place.

Seems he sent out invitations to many of his old retired political chums, including New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who many view as running a potential bid for President in a third-party independent run. Mayor Bloomberg was a Republican who changed to independent this last summer, leading many to speculate on his eventual indie run. Since he is a Billionaire many times over he could very well make a respectable bid to purchase the White House.

Apparently, David Boren feels our government is "badly bent and some are concluding it is broken..."

Further fueling his and his concerned allies is the failure of both parties Presidential contenders to share their fainting sofa with them decrying the hyper partisan atmosphere in Washington during the primaries. Boren and his buddies will craft a missive at the meeting demanding leaders from both parties design a plan to unite America.

Good luck with that, Dave.

One wonders why the concern he obviously so deeply holds manifests itself now? Did he feel our government was bent, or twisted or perverted when Ted Olsen argued before the Supreme Court if they continued counting votes in Florida in 2000, his client would be irreparably harmed?

Or when the Vice-President declared he was not part of the executive branch?

Or when the Administration outed a CIA agent working on WMD's in the middle east? Or was it when the first responders to St Bernard Parrish after Katrina were Canadian Mounties?

Torture? Abu-Grahib? Renditions? Hey, let's face it, it is a target rich environment, but this maladministration is in it's twilight. In its wake exists an acutely aware electorate that associates Republican with Bush. Things are not looking so good for the GOP.

Even since the spectacular defeat of the GOP in 2006, the Republicans continue to reject any type of bipartisanship. This last session, Republican Senators set a world-record for obstructing the will of the people.

I have seen no evidence of Republicans being the slightest bit interested in compromise. Even on no-brainer stuff like helping sick children. Veto sustained. The rhetoric that emanates from the right includes phrases like "giving aide and comfort to the enemy" and "troop haters" when someone questions the wisdom of Dear Leader.

The only way one can compromise and reach unity with such people is to become one of them.

You will be assimilated...resistance is futile. Complete and total capitulation is the only compromise recognized by the modern Republican party.


Welcome to The United Fiefdoms Of America Incorporated.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Name Change

Seems I spend an inordinate amount of time explaining the name of my blog, so an early New Year's resolution is a name change. The URL will remain the same, since I'm too friggin stoopid to figure out how to change it. I don't know if I like this new name or not. At least it's not right.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Perfect Christmas Present

In light of the lead plague infesting toys this year, I have decided to do my part and share something I came across years ago and provide a home-made gift idea that is 100 percent guaranteed to put glee into the face of nearly anyone who receives it. Not to mention stunned amazement. What you will need:

An ordinary shoe box

Rubber cement

A jar

A pencil


Six or eight ordinary houseflies (must be alive and unharmed)

A freezer

Place flies into jar and place jar in freezer. Take the pencil and draw the outlines of a balsa-wood style airplane, about half scale. Use scissors to cut out the airplane and assemble. Place small dots of rubber cement on the wings and tail sections where you will place the motors (flies). By now, the flies in the freezer should be stunned but not dead. Carefully place flies legs onto the rubber cement, gently blowing on them will revive them.

Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Paul Jacob In Oklahoma

Carpetbagger and convicted violator of the Selective Services Act (draft dodger?) Paul Jacob and his Libertarian minions descended on Oklahoma to amend our constitution as they saw fit. Libertarians are just Republicans who want to smoke dope and get laid (legalize drugs and prostitution, among other things far worse).

This machine of locusts plague states with petitions to term limit legislators, but violently oppose any form of campaign finance reform, thereby effectively replacing highly popular legislators with corporate whores capable of purchasing a legislative office, de-regulating everything and the elimination of the middle class.

Their latest venture, the Orwellian-named "Taxpayers Bill Of Rights" or TABOR, sought to cap government spending. This is a noble gesture, and no one can deny our Government spends way too much. Especially in Iraq, or corporate welfare, or abstinence only education.

This is why, in Oklahoma anyway, taxes cannot be raised without a vote of the people, and we cannot spend more than we take in.

These issues are already addressed in Oklahoma. Putting further downward budgetary pressures on our states budget would only realistically hurt our public education system.

But the Oklahoma Attorney General busted Jacobs ass and two of his partners for violating election law. We have a residency requirement for circulators of petitions, and perhaps a room at the Super 8 for the Jacob minions does not fulfill that requirement.

I am not being fair. Jacobs claimed he checked the law on residency and tried to comply but nevertheless he is charged with violations of the law, and is staring at a boatload of legal fees, not to mentions fines and jail time if convicted.

Now, the Jacob camp is referring to him and his two partners as the "Oklahoma 3". Heh. A convicted Libertarian carpetbagger from Virginia, some lady from Michigan and a guy from Tulsa. Poor downtrodden local folks.

Their chief tormentor, Drew Edmondson, is called "Ayatollah Edmondson" along with junior-high artwork of a turban-swathed depiction of our state attorney general. Real classy.

So, enough petitions for TABOR were thrown out to deny it being placed on the ballot and the convict and his minions were led away in chains.

I still have not cut my way through the spin whether Jacobs was led into an ambush or not. I am opposed to everything Jacobs stands for and believes in and feel our Oklahoma constitution must be protected from outside agitators being paid by the signature on initiative petitions.

These guys hate lawyers, but they always have plenty of them. One would think this would have been thoroughly examined. If the law is unclear it should be addressed by our legislature.

Or we could have an initiative petition.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Pro-Life Wingnuts

Far right-wing reactionary authoritarian cultists insist on choosing leaders who vow to place title of a woman's uterus into the hands of old white men. Other issues are of import, no doubt, but to lead the reichtard party, women simply must be constrained to forced childbirth, her choices of her body in the reproductive process is eliminated. To seek entrance as significantly authoritarian enough, Republican office seekers must seek title to the womb to cater to the rabid base they have founded their party upon.

Anti-abortion extremists claim abortion is murder. Yet none of them have ever tried to back legislation to prosecute women who have abortions. If abortion is indeed murder, then not advocating murder charges shows the hypocrisy of the argument. Clearly, they cannot even answer the question.

Allowing exceptions in the case of rape or incest means anti-abortion ideologues allow the murder of innocent fetus's only when they are victims of a crime.

Not allowing such exceptions forces young ladies to give birth to their brother, or wives to give birth to the murderer of their husbands.

To get the full benefit of the crushing weight of gravity forcing ideology into the concrete of legislation, watch this video of the world fanatical far-right authoritarian cultist loons want to re-create here in America.

We have been here before.

H/T Digby for the video.

UPDATE: A local insignificant blogger who attempts to bring traffic to his site by naming it in a bastardization of another site (how pathetic is that) took exception to my post. Yes, he is one of the many I named as "the rabid base they (republicans) have founded their party on."

This blastocyst worshipper insists on using the term "baby killer" and indeed advocates prosecuting the mother for "1st degree prenatal homicide" but quickly dashes behind the skirts of a judges robe for doling out sentences, but quickly dashes out to announce he "would treat it just like any other murder or manslaughter case."

Such "coat hanger law advocates" surely realize to investigate such cases would require forensic gynecologists armed with warrants to collect evidence. Does Red S. Tater really want us to be like El Salvador? They have a complete ban on abortion with prison sentences for women who get them illegally. Just like Red wants, no exceptions for abortion.

"In practice what is happening is a government death penalty imposed on women," said Pizarro, a gynaecologist. (sic)

Blastocyst worshippers entering a room on fire occupied with an unconscious woman and a petri dish full of blastocysts, by their words claim the petri dish is more worthy of saving, clearly the unconscious state of the woman is due to some moral failing, most likely drug or alcohol related.

Red quotes me:

"Allowing exceptions in the case of rape or incest means anti-abortion ideologues allow the murder of innocent fetus's only when they are victims of a crime.
Not allowing such exceptions forces young ladies to give birth to their brother, or wives to give birth to the murderer of their husband".

Red responds:

If he would have actually read the link to my blog that he used in his post, he would have noticed that Republican presidential candidate Duncan Hunter has called for a ban on all abortions- period and has introduced legislation every year for the past 10+ years on it. He is my candidate of choice for president.
No inconsistency here. (emphasis added)

Raped by your dad? Too bad, you will give birth to your brother. Raped by your husbands murderer? Too bad, the state forces you to give birth to a rapist. The pregnancy will kill you? Gee, that's tough.

Authoritarian cultists like Red hate freedom. Choices do not fit into their worldview. A cop on every street corner and a warrant for every womb would make America better how, exactly?

To take Red's argument to its logical conclusion:

Today we have more forms of birth control than we do ways to have sex. It is available for free and it is available for use even up to 24 hrs AFTER having sex.

Yet approximately 1.5 million unborn children are murdered by their mothers in this country every single year to the cheers of children hating white men like Kittenstomper.

Women are simply irresponsibly having unprotected sex. If they are raped, they should be flogged like they do in Saudi Arabia. One wonders how many potential "children" Red has doomed to reckless abandonment in his fevered masturbatory emissions.