Monday, September 22, 2008

The Politics Of Failure

So, with 47 days before the election the Republican administration has admitted how hard they suck. They are completely and utterly incompetent, can't manage a one-stall shithouse and demand a seven hundred billion dollar blank check of our money, with a side of bipartisanship, which means give them everything they want so they can screw up even further.

They are kidding, right? This squalling brat with the gaping maw demanding an instant trillion dollar public tit to suck is not a bastard child. We have paternity tests these days--called votes--and the DNA of this massive turd comes from the father of John McCain's economic plan, Phil Gramm.

I am not interested in any talk of bipartisanship here. They want to rob us and they want a "clean" crime--no strings, no congressional or judicial review, just give them the money or this trillion dollar tumor they birthed, fed and nurtured will topple us into the abyss.

Remember the "Economic Stimulus Package" the little people received? Seems it was only a loan and they want the money back with 400 percent interest. In return, we get their toxic loans. Enjoy.

The Republican administration, indeed the entire Republican party, with the aide of entirely too many blue dog democrats want to take money from those who play by the rules and give it to the money exchangers who buy their own rules. Let me say this as clearly as I can--They are robbing us. Republicans are completely and utterly incompetent, they just admitted that in front of our very faces, including all those democrats that think they have to act like a completely insane asshat to get elected.

Not a political issue? Ha ha ha ha ha ha. They are kidding right?

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