Friday, September 05, 2008

Further Questions About Governor Palin

I am deeply concerned that John McCain has selected as his running mate someone closely affiliated with a separatist group who has their own National Anthem and does not fly the flag of the United States. This is not a small matter like choosing to wear a lapel pin or not. If someone chooses to belong to a radical separatist group or march in peace rallies is of little concern to me, but when a Presidential nominee chooses his Vice President that is associated with an group who is anti-American at their core, it is a matter of grave concern.

This matter cannot be shouted down as sexist or any other "attack the messenger" modus operandi generally employed by the right-wing. Any dissension about our invasion of Iraq has been met by "troop hater" and "un-American" by Bush apologists and have made careers out of trying to "out-patriot" those who disagree with their positions.

Their standard bearer is John McCain and his very first Presidential decision, indeed the ONLY Presidential decision a candidate can make, is the choice of his second in command who has questionable loyalties to this country.

John McCain cannot salvage this disaster. Even if Governor Palin resigns for "family reasons" it will remain a very black cloud on the judgement of John McCain.

h/t The General

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