Monday, January 30, 2006

A Busted Filler

So Cheney's pissed see. Happened a long time ago, during Vietnam and Watergate. He was there, in the halls of power as the walls of the imperial presidency crumbled. He joined with the dark side and vowed the empire would strike back.

Like a shaddow on the margins of a bad dream he lurked, nursing his malice, and plotting the return of the king. Never mind that the reduction in Presidential power was caused by collosal Presidential mistakes, the Sith Lord was determined to find a sockpuppet to rule the world. mmmmkay? Like minded Karl Rove brought forth the doppleganger, with ample room for both hands. Daddy had set enough judges for the selection of the coronation, no need to count the votes.

And so it was that while leaders cleared brush (anagram of shrub?) read childrens books and basked in their mandate, heedless of a sycophony of warnings, a dark cloud rose up from the east and smote the Republic in the nose; laying waste a multitude of humanity. The Sith Lord seized the opportunity and moved swiftly to restore and even expand the powers of the Emperor sock puppet. Torture? No problem, just get the Office of Legal Council to back you with a memo and viola! you got it. Abu Gonzales to the rescue. Eavesdrop on anyone you want without a warrant. OLC to the rescue. Dissenters get bypassed and ridiculed. Eventually they give up and quit. Nothing but neocons and imperialists as far as the eye can see from the echo chamber of the Oval Office.

Need a bigger fight with more headlines and fear and shock and awe? No problem, get the spooks inline with some shake and bake intell and bring 'em on. Billions of dollars later with a couple thousand bodybags and a constitution in tatters, the questions get louder and are answered with stern lectures of bringing aid and comfort to the enemy. The darkside outruns the Sith Lord and the rules and ethics no longer seem to apply as a wave of invincibility grips the republican party. Like sailors on shore leave, they behave very badly. Investigations and convictions of corruption, bribery, perjury, obstruction of justice run rampant. The treasury is raided and bills are corrupted in the dark of night. Eight billion vanishes in Iraq. Twenty two billion is given back to the insurance industry in a bill behind closed doors by 2 republicans.

And there is Alito. Consistently voting in favor of corporations and against the ordinary citizen, is in favor of the Unitary Authority policy and against reproductive rights. In a valiant 11th hour fillibuster attempt, the Democrats fell short. Those in favor of fillibuster should be lionized; those who didn't should be admonished. FISA calls for a warrant. Anyone violating FISA is guilty of a crime that includes jail time. If Alito is the deciding vote expanding the Presidents inherent authority in a time of "war" on terror, it will be viewed as a collosal failure of democrats to keep this imperialist off the bench, and a complete victory for the Sith Lord and the Return of the King. God Help Us All.

Jerk Rippemoff

Seems George of the Bungle is still paying Abromoff back for all that money, him being a pioneer and all. The latest is by removing the chief prosecutor looking into the republican tarbaby's bribery campaign. Martin Garbus does a story about it here. Unfortunately he missed the other time dubya did this back in 2002. Seems the Superior Court of Guam didn't want the Supreme Court of Guam looking into any of their decisions, and hired everyones favorite lobbyist, Jack Abramoff to see to it the Supreme Court of Guam would MYOB. (Can anyone say stacked bench?)

This was highly irregular, and even though a money washing procedure was in place, US Attorney Frederick A. Black got wind of it and a grand jury issued a subpoena on Nov.18 2002 to Anthony Sanchez, adminstrative director of Guam Superior Court to turn over all documents, including bills and payments regarding the lobby contract.

On November 19, (that would be the next day) US Attorney Black was demoted by the Bush department and replaced with a cousin to one of the targets of the probe. Read about it in the Boston Globe here.

Lazy Bastards

I'm just so tired. We got hammered on 9/11 and everyone ran around screaming about our failed intelligence. Putting too much emphasis on gee-whiz techno geeksquads, and not enough shoe leather on the ground. There are just to many reporters sitting around waiting for the phone to ring, too many cops going around solving suicides and too many spooks wearing headphones. And George of the Bungle can't be bothered with warrants or IV Amendments. I mean, "it's hard work".

Bullshit. Get off your ass and do something!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ms? Coulter

Finally got around to reading Trannyanny's piece called Abortion Stops a Bleeding Heart.

She should be the poster child for Reproductive Rights. I mean, who would want to have one of those?


In a late-breaking development, Halliburton subsidiary KBR announced it would begin reconstruction efforts as soon as other campaign contributors finished blowing everything to smithereens.

Will keep you posted

Heck of a State of the Union

Seems like there has been a lot of chatter about all the Dem's just getting up and walking out on George of the Bungle's State of the Union Address.
I think it would be better if they all showed up wearing blue dresses.
Maybe they'd get a shot.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Thirty Days in the Chair

At least that's what I would get if I tried to pull some of this crap. I truly believe there exists some high minded ideal of public service. To perform for the public good and serve in a way that makes the majority of the peoples lives better. To be a good steward of the public treasury and insure at all times to get the maximum benefit of tax dollars. A lot of people work very hard to earn a living--I'm talking about people who shower after they get off work.

We do not now have good stewards of the publics treasury. There has always been "a few bad apples", but this seems to be a systemic process, rife with corruption on a massive scale. The missing $8 Billion dollars in Iraq for example--dismissed as an "accounting thing". Now I realize $8 billion dollars is a lot of money, please remember, this was not a wire transfer or something like that, this came in on pallets, so much money, in fact, it could be visible from outer space. But still, this pales in comparison to the $22 Billion that was supposed to reduce our deficit, but was given back to the Health Insurance Agency, in a closed door session with House Ways and Means Chairman Bill Thomas (R-Calif) Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley (R. Iowa) and their staffers. No Democrats allowed-which probably pisses off Russert and tweety.

Meanwhile we have thousands of seasoned citizens looking at the new Medicare 2.0 program like a bull looking at a new gate. You can almost hear the Jeopardy soundtrack playing in their heads as someone tries to explain it to them. In reality it's a three card monte with no queen at all. Whose interests were being represented as this version was being hammered out? Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic House Leader is trying to figure that out. Apparently she doesn't know because the Dem's didn't have full access to the drafting of this legislation. She certainly has some strong suspicions about the monkey business and has sent a letter to the Republicans asking for an investigation. It's a good read and I recommend it.

Meanwhile, George of the Bungle is spying willy-nilly on anyone he wants to without any oversight saying it's legal. Didn't Nixon have that same defense? But Glenn Greenwald, who blogs over at Unclaimed Territory has been severly weakening abu Gonzales's arguments. Seem's somebody tried to amend the FISA law a couple of times back in '02 to lower the burden for warrants but the Administrations positions were a.) we have no problem with the statute as it is with the 72 hour retro application as is provided in the patriot act. b.) the lower burden proposed probably wouldn't pass constitutional muster and c.) Warrants? We don't need no stinking warrants! (Well, okay, I just added that last part because, as is now clear, they were already spying in '01 outside of FISA.)

What to do, What to do. Thank God for the Fourth Estate. Surely our MSM will climb up on top of these outrages with a megaphone and demand a reckoning for these wrongs. I wouldn't count on it though as Media Matters points out the response on the NSA thing alone has been flaccid at the very least. The libera media just hammered Clinton for a money losing land deal known as Whitewater for years, but check out a comparison of the Warrantless Domestic Spying Program and Whitewater news stories here.

No, the answer is not to rely on they and them. Get involved with your local Democratic organization. If you have a Republican running for re-election in '06 he or she is probably dirty. A nice and inexpensive tool to use is a four page newspaper tabloid. Lay it out with a positive agenda for your candidate: If elected I will do this and this and this, along with family and personal info. Contrast this with the Culture of Corruption the opponent is associated with; has engaged in. Print enough of these for the entire district, not just registered Democrats likely to vote. Be inclusive and try to expand the base. Get an army of volunteers to hand deliver these to each house. Then do it again. Then do it again. With different tabloids each time naturally. You will find you have so much room to work with on a tab page. This is a lot of hard work but it can be done and it is very effective. I've done it several times myself. Try it out and let me know of your progress.

Friday, January 27, 2006

kittenstomper: Truthiness Truthiness

Unclaimed Territory - by Glenn Greenwald: The Administration's humiliation of Congress

Unclaimed Territory - by Glenn Greenwald: The Administration's humiliation of Congress


I just hate crooks. These neocons that have hijacked the Republican party, from what I can tell, no other reason than financial gain and cronyism. Oh hell, instead of sweeping generalisms lets make a list shall we?
  1. Pro life. Now there's a hot button. Let's tie a bloody fetus around the neck of the 'reproductive rights crowd' so everybody knows them for the babykillers they are
  2. Family Values. A thinly veiled effort to paint the Democrats as the fag party.
  3. Vote for us or die. Again an effort to show Dems weak on defense.
  4. Government isn't the answer, it's the problem. Like a rice cake, it looks good but there's nothing there.

Okay, so we start with pro-life. The actual term we need to use in describing these guys is Pre-life. We take this lesson from the neocon playbook of controlling the language. The difference between the two is Pre-life more accurately describes the wingnuts party established pattern of not giving a fuck what happens to you after you are born. Bootstraps buddy, use your bootstraps. They can't be supporting programs that are funded by the tax cuts they need to give to their rich buddies. And, truth be told, they aren't even the pre-life party. No, really they don't care at all about it except as a way to get votes. See, this is what is called a variable belief system, or a hypocrite. For a demonstration of this we need to go to Saipan, or as it is now known, the American Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. This is a petri dish of the Republican dream; an American property with virtually no labor laws and special exemption for immigration. Living behind barbed wire and working in sweatshops for $3.15 an hour and paying 6-7 thousand dollars for these "good American jobs" is indentured servitude. But if one of them gets pregnant, abortion is the only choice they have. If they quit or run off the money they owe is due and the collectors know where there family lives. One man who spoke with 20/20 reporter Brian Ross: "With eleven thousand Chinese workers here, I have never seen a Chinese garment factory worker have a baby in my entire four years on Saipan."

In June of 1944 3,100 Marines lost their lives in the fierce 11 day battle to bring freedom and democracy to Saipan. But what does slavery and forced abortion have to do with Republicans who claim to hold this nations moral highground? Tom Delay, who is a Republican, took an all expense paid trip to Saipan with his wife, daughter and several aides and toasted his sweatshop hosts:

Delay: You are a shining light for what is happening in the Republican Party, and you represent everything that is good about what we're trying to do in America and in leading the world in the free market system.

Consolidation of wealth and power into the hands of the ruling elite, a frightened working class populace and a stain on the heroic blood of fallen heroes.

2.) Family values. Let's face it, we all know what the Republican value$ are. And who gave the fag prostitute a whitehouse press pass? This is a "shiny keys" issue. Look, look over there a pedophile trying to be a teacher. What do you mean he's a homo and not a pedophile, same thing ain't it? Degenerates are taking over the country so we need god in the class to teach 'em good. We need less amendments and more commandments. These are tough issues to debate without the wingnuts casting you as a godless sodomite. They stay on the offensive to control the debate and fill the newshole of the MSM. Health care? Fair trade? Jobs? Environment? But what does that have to do with God? Everyone knows the problem in America is lack of values so let's talk about God. Invoking Gods name for subversive tactics that blind you to the fact that Republicans are robbing this country blind with both hands is heresy.

3.)Vote for us or die. Now that's cute. Fearmongering. I noticed people have taken to calling Republicans who use this tactic 'bedwetters'. I like that. Turn the tables on them. Something that I might have missed or something in the last presidential campaign was that when we did get attacked people did die and it was G. W. Bush in the big chair at the time. He's tough on terror. RRRRRRR. Just in the nick of time eh, W? Well maybe seven minutes too late and the chair in the elementary school wasn't really all that big. And Osama bin hidin is still cuttin' videos. The 9-11 investigation clearly showed that the dashlight was blinking red and our "tough on terrorist" leader was awol. Clinton told Bush and Condi both, during the transition, after Bush became our President select, that they would be spending a lot more time on OBL than they had imagined. Boy was Clinton ever wrong on that score. Bush was trying to figure out how to get the doors open to the national treasury to give to his buddies, and who the fuck knows what Condi, our National Security Advisor was doing. No word yet on when we'll have an investigation on the massaging of intelligence for our pre-emptive war on an uninvolved 9-11 victim that had no WMD's wasn't a threat and yaddayaddayadda. We are so fucked in Iraq.

4.)Governments not the answer; it's the problem. Now I fully understand this principle--I just disagree. I invent something and want to produce it and sell it and make a shitload of money. That's the American dream. The governments going to tell me how much to pay my workers and all sorts of shit like that. Where do they get off telling me how to run my business? Well, it's taken a couple of centuries for us to forge this democracy, and were still students of it, into the regulations regarding the health and safety and pay of today's workplace. However, one can still have things manufactured with the Made In America tag, pay sharecropper wages with no benefits and get filthy rich. Go to Saipan--the Republicans have your back. This is what they want to do here. Roll back all the initiatives and regulations that years of experience have brought forth. Freedom to rape and pillage and pollute the land with impunity. Freedom to silence the bloggers and critics and enslave the unwashed masses. You think I'm shittin'? Go to Saipan. Deregulate everything and have government take a handsoff approach to business. They call it free enterprise. Except lawyers. Can't have some shyster mouthpiece taken their money when they make a colossal booboo. Yeah, gotta regulate the hell outta them lawyers.

today's Republican Party is a disgusting cesspool of greedy bastards. To defend this party for their warrantless spying, bribery, money laundering, cronyism, lying under oath, forced abortions and indentured servitude is un-American. They steal our tax dollars and put them in bills under cover of darkness as rebates for their lobby buddies. The next time you see a Republican, ask if you could at least get a reacharound while he's fucking you in the ass.

Maiden Voyage

This is my first post on my very own Blog. I must admit, I am a little excited about this. As I don't know how to create a profile I'll just use my first entry to introduce myself. My name is Kelly Andrews and I currently work in the feild of transportation of oilfield equipment. A fancy way of saying oilfield trash truck driver. I am also a liberal which puts my political bent in the minority of the people I work with. Most of what I will publish here will have a political angle to it, and I don't feel the need to defend my liberal view anymore than to point out what the Republicans have done, are doing and will continue to do. I feel the need to add my voice to the sound and fury to help offset the Rightwing Noise Machine that has now completely taken over the MSM. I am a 46-year-old single white male with some college (journalism). I've written three one-act plays that have been performed, as well as several published articles, awards etc. So I do have some training and experience and the desire for the written word, but alas, life got in the way and I had to make some sacrifices for my family years ago. Now there's this "internets" thing so I plan on taking advantage of it.

First I would like to give props to those who, in my opinion, are really doing a great job of shining light on the questionable legality of the wingnuts illegal bribe taking and spying and stuff. Glenn Greenwald over at Unclaimed Territory apparently showed how George of the bungle managed to paint hisself into a corner. Great job. If I knew how to create a link I'd put one to his site. The Young Turks over at Sirius Radio, man that Cenk really is a hellfire and brimstone leftwing radio personality. Not that my name should be even metioned in the same day as many of these guys, but hopefully I'll have the chance to hone my craft in the public blogoshere. In the meantime, be nice and help me out--because I promise I'm really pretty good at this.