Saturday, September 06, 2008

Another Case For Blogger Ethics Panel

A local blogger takes me to the woodshed:

He is an embarrassment to all the bloggers whether right or left or undecided.
His use of the N word violates the new more friendly racial tone of our country.

I am deeply offended by his attempt to stir up racial discord.

All my life I have supported equal rights for black Americans in our country.
All my life I have been uncomfortable with the way non blacks treated the people of color.
My first experience with the black community was picking cotton with my family near Atoka, Oklahlma.(sic) The field next to us was filled with black people from white haired Seniors down to 4 year olds moving down the rows.
I asked my Daddy why those dark Indians were not allowed to pick in the field with us. It is because they are N...... and cannot be around white people.
Daddy was wrong and Kitten Stomper is worse than he was.

Although the fried green one did not provide a link, I am guessing he was referring to this post. Of course as any literate person can clearly see, all the racist terms in that post were quotes from Republican/conservatives. I find it rather odd to be called "an embarrassment to all the bloggers whether right or left or undecided," by a blogger that cannot correctly spell the state he calls home. We should not set aside his claim of being "deeply offended" by my "attempt to stir up racial discord."

That's his job, and he works hard at it too with posts like Islamic this the real religion of ObamaNation. He just copies and pastes a Wikipedia article and adds at the bottom, "Perhaps someday scholars will add Baraka Hussien Obama, Junior to this list!"

Not everyone will agree with the policies of Senator Obama, but this kind of attack, making the candidate out to be "the other" one to be feared, merely by childish, baseless fearmongering is the type of thing I was pointing out in my previous post, and the blogger at Fried Green Onions is the exact type of person I was talking about.

One only wonders if Fried Green Onions is "uncomfortable" with the way he treats "the people of color."


Rena said...

I love fried's term "the new more friendly racial tone of our country". How 'bout he expand on that in light of the Rights personal attacks on Obama, not to mention the death threats?

Seems to me this "blogger" can't even distinguish between entry and blockquote.

And it took him only three responses to get to "love it or leave it."

Thanks, FGO, for infusing some humor into my Saturday evening.

If you think you can get someone banned from BNN for quoting Lee Atwater, you are not only funny, you are delusional.

If BNN did such a stupid thing, they would have a mass defection of members, and they know it.

Anonymous said...

FGO is an idiotic old coot. Not worth your time. He tries to bait me every now and then, but I refuse to resort to a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.