Thursday, September 25, 2008

Aide For Palin

I watched the interview from the chirpy little tart, Katie Couric, conducted with Sarah "Bible Spice" Palin . Trying to make the "proximity" point of foreign policy experience is difficult from a polished debater, which Bible Spice clearly is not. She is not even coherent, to the point it was painful, even pitiful to watch. Since I am a good liberal who hates to see other people suffer so badly, I will lend a hand.

"Gosh Katie, it really is the silly season isn't it? (flash spectacular smile here) I can understand how non-Alaskans may be confused about this, but they haven't lived their entire lives and spent every waking moment in the shadows of the evil empire, which by the way, is re-surging. As to how that relates to foreign policy experience, I am acutely aware of the very real existence of anti-democratic forces."

It really isn't that difficult to fashion a coherent response to a question you absolutely, positively know is coming. Either Palin is totally clueless, her ideology is so wacked out extreme she must spout gibberish lest the fanaticism show through, or her handlers really suck. None of these are good options that America can risk.

And by the way, New York is closer to Moscow than Anchorage.

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Jerri said...

You obviously have not the tiniest bit of an open mind...I thought radical liberals were sooo proud of their (empty), open minds!
Aren't you curious at all about the opinions and thoughts other than BHO? and his hired gang w/socialist/communist ideals? I am NOT going for drama. I am stating the TRUTH. We are at the end of a tried and true country and all you can do is criticize those who are trying to save the USA from becoming a third world country?