Sunday, September 07, 2008

Firing Up The Base

It was bound to happen. Jim Inhofe, the seasoned Senator from Oklahoma made another ridiculous comment, which should not be surprising coming from such a ridiculous person. This time, the senile Senator questioned Senator Obama's patriotism. A blogger who goes by SusanG at the Daily Kos posted his slur and asked fellow Kossacks to donate fundage to Andrew Rice, the Democrat with progressive values who is opposing Inhofe. Over $10,000 was raised in less than 24 hours.

Of course Inhofe, being bought and paid for by the energy sector is way ahead in the fund raising department, since the oil and gas industries are the most profitable industries in the history of the planet right now. Inhofe has taken more money from people buying overpriced gas than any other politician who did not run for President this year except for Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky and John Cornyn, R-Texas.

Right from our pockets to the energy lobbyists to Senator James Inhofe. He has earned his pay too, by loudly denouncing the worldwide scientific consensus of climate change. He points to the critics, who are mainly geologists on the energy companies payroll as proof there is no agreement.

It will be a tough fight for Andrew Rice, but State Senator Rice has faced difficulties before. See, he lost his brother in the World Trade Center attack on 9/11. Curiously, he did not fall into the scorched earth policy of the Bush administration and did not endorse the invasion of Iraq, since, well, they had nothing to do with the death of his brother, and the one who did is still unaccounted for.

Inhofe is a supporter of the Iraq invasion and occupation, yet I cannot find a single bill that he voted for that the veterans wanted. Stuff like body armor or up-armored equipment, increased funding for the VA--Inhofe has opposed all of that.

We have a good choice in Andrew, but the huge piles of money all the special interest groups have showered on Inhofe, coupled with our right-wing newspaper, means it will be tough for Rice to get his message through. He needs all of our help and we need to send Inhofe back to Tulsa.

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