Monday, September 15, 2008

Andrew Vs Inhofe

In todays bumper sticker campaign sloganeering, our incumbent and challenger for United States Senator for Oklahoma have chosen their theme's. It seems Oklahoma Republican Senator James Inhofe is claiming victimhood of being a Hollywood target, and Democratic challenger Andrew Rice is claiming Inhofe has "gone Washington."

I find it odd that an incumbent with far superior name recognition, a vastly superior campaign warchest stuffed full of oil money can whine effectively about being a victim. We remember Mickey Edwards campaign, full of whine and pathetic pleas for help. It didn't save his job because a public servant works for us, not the other way around.

Certainly Al Gore receiving an Emmy for his "Inconvenient Truth" brings into focus Hollywood due to Inhofe's staunch ridicule of climate change, and perhaps he needs to point westward to deflect attention away from his support of those benefiting from high gas prices and the Republican reign of an economy in DEFCON 2.

Andrew Rice's claim that Inhofe has "gone Washington" is an apt description for an incumbent Senator that has been one of the most rubbery stamps for the failed Bush agenda. I would like to see a picture of David Boren handing his broom to Rice.

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