Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ask The Question

Wolf Blitzer of CNN had The Donald on the Situation Room today and asked him about Sarah Palin. Donald Trump gushed effusively about Governor Palin and had harsh words for Joe Biden. We wonder what he would do if one of his apprentices built a building on land without a clear title.
From a report filed by Randi Kaye, a CNN reporter:
WASILLA, Alaska (CNN) -- The sports complex that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's supporters call her most visible legacy as mayor of her hometown left the town paying inflated prices for the land and huge legal bills, according to court records.

The complex features a soccer field, a running track and an indoor hockey rink with heated seats. Palin campaigned for a sales tax increase to finance the $14.7 million project, winning approval for the half-cent levy by a margin of 20 votes.

Palin is now the Republican nominee for vice president. Her supporters call the arena the crowning achievement of her 1996-2002 tenure as mayor.

"She really was very, very passionate about this right from the start," Wasilla Recreation Manager Bruce Urban said.

But the city never obtained clear property to the title until this year, after a lengthy court battle with developer Gary Lundgren, who owned part of the land on which the complex sits.
So, Donald, in your world is Sarah Palin a keeper? How about some more information on her management skills and business acumen...
"She inherited the city with no debt, and suddenly we have a lot of debt," she said. "I don't think that labels her as a true fiscal conservative."
Of course the term that does define her is "credit card conservative," of the neocon Bush/Cheney mold. Here is the bottom line, Donald:

The city originally paid $145,000 for part of the land. The rest of it was valued at about $21,000.

It ended up paying more than $1.5 million, not counting its own legal fees.


Not a very impressive showing if you ask me. I couldn't believe the whole segment. The Donald looked like a foolish hack and Wolf looked like a fanboy.

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