Monday, February 27, 2006

Is America Bushed?

It seems like every week there is something new to become all screechy and unhinged about. Even though Bush expanded the federal government by 30% there weren't enough people to respond to Katrina, a hurricane that, unlike terrorists, telegraphed its punch. The first responders to St. Bernard Parish were Canadian Mounties. Canadian Mounties!
And then we learn civil rights are a fond memory as the president announced he is spying on Americans and no judge or congressman is going to tell him he can't. And the republican controlled congress has abdicated to Bush's claim and refused to have any serious investigation into the scandal. Opponents to the program are tarred and feathered with the stain of being al quaeda sympathizers, which has paralyzed some Democrats from voicing concern or forcing the issue. Even though the Administration is known to have spied on Quakers, college activists and others deemed to be a threat to national security. Yet we are to be assured that like other superheroes, they promise to only use their power for good.
The crowning achievement of pharmaceutical industry is the Medicare prescription drug program. Our seasoned citizens look at all the options like a bull looking at a new gate. And the costs just keep on rising exponentially. I wonder where all that extra money is coming from?
Then Cheney shoots a guy in the face. That scandal was short lived since the victim promptly apologized.
It appears that Iraq will return to its roots and break off into three different countries. I can't imagine the audacity of these ungrateful and recently freed Arabs. Bush has provided them with the God given right of freedom and democracy and this is how they act? Even though many advisers warned Bush of a potential bloody civil war, he preferred the flowers and parades stories. All of his pre-emptive strike reasons were found to be false. It was eventually pre-empted with the cutesy phrase of "fight them over there so we don't have to fight them over here," that faux news viewers could understand.
And now his ports deal opens our front door to a country with very real ties to 9/11. So maybe we can fight them over here after all. Does this make Bush guilty of harbouring terrorists? More likely his arrogant and Imperialistic worldwide policies has given birth to thousands of them. This latest debacle has provided a serious rift between the President and the republican congress.
The republican doppleganger they have in Bush has sprung a leak. Inflated by popular belief which cast him as the "protector in chief", the UAE ports deal has the Administration searching for a patch. The arrogance of Bush has deemed congress as irrelevant, bolstered by their own cowtowing, prevents his altering course on this deal. This will force the congress to rediscover a previously ignored body part. The tide has turned as more republicans distance themselves from a wildly unpopular president and his failed policies. Perhaps democrats can retake control of congress which is the best hope for serious investigations into this lawless administration.

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