Thursday, February 02, 2006

Republican Is Now A Dirty Word

These guys make my penis itch. The right wing noise machine hyperventilates over Cindy Sheehan, the dead soldier pimp/moonbat/anti-American/Osama hugger, attempting to assault our glorious commander-in-chief with a t-shirt. Glenn Greenwald bravely entered right wing blogs to see what they were saying about her. This was after he pointed out that no rule or law was broken and she shouldn't have been arrested. I think Glenn must be a lawyer or something. He hangs out some of the bedwetters urine soaked sheets for us to see. It's a great read, especially the non-retraction retraction. The Capitol police has since apologized and admitted (Glenn was right--he must be a good lawyer) that no law or rule was broken. No such action from most of the right wing noise machine.

Now it seems there are missing e-mails from the office of the Sith Lord. Scooter needs them for his defense but Special Prosecuter Fitzgerald said somethings amiss with the archives. Since tricky Dick had problems with missing recordings, a law was passed in 1978 saying all communications of the White House are the property of the government and must be archived. Digby pointed out the outrage the Republicans expressed when supposedly there was a missing e-mail that Lewinski had sent to Clinton. Poor Bill, republicans climbed so far up his ass he could taste brylcreme. Where is their outrage now?

This lying, cheating hypocracy runs rampant in the Republican Party. MyDD grew a little weary of the limpwristed polls the MSM was doing on the warrantless domestic spying program which, predictably, produced vanilla results. So they put out their own poll. A real cinchy no-brainer question was should congress investigate and stunningly 72.5% of the Republicans said no! And if he had broken the law 64.7% of the Republicans opposed or strongly opposed impeachment and removal from office. And I thought there was no loyalty among theives. Oh, that's right, I haven't got to the theiving part yet.

Whoever said "Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes," didn't know Dick. Before achieving Sith Lord status Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton. During his tenure, Halliburton's offshore tax havens went from nine to 44 and its taxes shrank from paying $302 million to an $85 million refund. This tax me if you can scheme has shifted the tax burden to people, like me, who shower after they get off work. In 1940 the taxes were pretty evenly divided--about half were paid by corporations and about half were paid by individuals. Now corporations pay 13.7% and individuals pay 86.3%. The IRS estimates these tax dodge schemes cost the American Government approximately $70 billion per year. Charles Rossotti, IRS Commissioner from 1997 to 2002 estimates it at closer to $250 to $350 billion a year, or about 15%. And today the Republican controlled congress celebrating carving $40 billion out of the budget by reducing spending for low income sick people and child support and student loans. These guys make my penis itch.

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