Monday, February 20, 2006

A Voice In The Wilderness

I'm constantly amused at the rights nearly unwavering support of George of the Bungle. The modifier is for Harriet Miers. But their support for his NSA warrantless spying program is truly confounding. It reminds me of O.J. Simpson and Michael Jackson fans unabashed adulation. Blood on the socks and on the car and squirrelly alibi's and Jesus juice could not shake their devotion.

This alarms me when it is applied to the leader of not-so-free world who claims the power to spy, jail and perhaps even torture and kill Americans in America. On his say so alone and no one has the authority to see any evidence against his victims. Has the social Darwinism espoused from the right somehow mutated into this grotesque form of government intrusion? How can anyone defend such an outrageous claim as this? Even though Bush is term limited out, this matter will have to be resolved. Slowly, this issue will hopscotch through requisite hoops until some future resolution will occur. And with the midterms on the horizon, it appears the Democrats are running from this issue for fear of being soft on terror. For god sake, take a stand and tell Bush, in the strongest language possible, to go fuck himself.

Yes the terrorists attacked us but we have faced utter annihilation by far greater threats and came away with our constitution intact. There are those that say these powers the president is invoking are in the constitution and therefore are no threat to it. It is an aberration and wholly foreign to any Americans understanding that any president can intrude on an American citizens life and completely disregard all liberties the citizen thought he had. What bullshit. Hillary needs to quit biting Cheney's' ankle and writing flag burning amendments and demand an accounting of the real attack on American people.

Of course we should spy on terrorists. Duh. Osama shouldn't be calling anyone, he should be dead or rotting in one of our jails. Where is the outrage from our elected democrats? Our very democratic ideals are being assailed by this administration which must be met with an unapologetic full frontal assault on this breach of civil liberties. The time to take a stand on this is now. Require a full hearing to determine who was spied on and for what reason. That is something the Administration wants to keep anyone from knowing. Who gives a shit how they conducted the intercepts and all this gee-whiz technocrap. Demand all content of all files and what constituted reasonable suspicion. Political enemies? Anti-war demonstrators? Reporters?

As Bush continues to plummet in the polls, the moral-relative right wingers will discard him for the unpardonable sin of losing support. As long as he was popular, he could do no wrong. That time has passed as pointed out in Digby's post:

By the time it's all over Bush is going to be seen as a coke-sniffing, frat boy hippy by the movement conservatives. This is how they do it. And then they'll go back to doing the same things they always do --- whatever it takes to win.

I would be surprised if Karl Rove survives the CIA leak investigation in the outing of Valerie Plame. I'm sure he is the one that most Democrats fear when opposing the president on using war powers against American citizens. I know how they feel. When I went to court in a dispute with my ex-wife I had all these rules and shit, like telling the truth, she however did not. It is always unpleasant facing an opponent who will do anything to win while you are bound by certain restraints. Be that as it may, the president has declared war powers on the constituents who elected their representatives to conduct their business. It's time to get busy and some noise.

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