Sunday, February 05, 2006

Dems Chances at Midterm Elections

Seems most Dems are getting a little antsy over the Government warrantless spying program. I guess they have good reason, since Rove came out with the offensive stance he's directing the Republicans to use. Something like anyone who opposes the President and his "terrorist surveillance program" is giving aide and comfort to the enemy. His sleazy tactics are well known. So it is not surprising that these neocons can endorse torture, warrantless spying, pre-emptive attacks on a non-threat and emptying our treasury.

Democrats face two enemies who will do whatever it takes to acheive their goals. The reason a terrorist straps a bomb to his chest and gets on a bus is because he doesn't have an F-16. If he did and dropped a bomb on a neighborhood he would be considered part of a legitimate government. The reason Rove conducted "push polls" against Mcain in the primary, where callers asked respondents if they were aware that Senator Mcain had an illegitimate black child, would they be more or less likely to vote for him, was to become a legitimate government.

When questioned by a reporter like Timmeh or Tweety on domestic spying the suggested response should be, "If Osama bin Laden or Al Quaeda is calling someone in America, I'll want to know why." When pressed about warrantless spying it would simply be a matter of pointing out that no judge would fail to issue a warrant on those grounds.

But this is not the only issue, even though this one is huge. Corruption is another big one. Even beyond Abramoff. In the budget reduction Act Bill Thomas (R-Calif.) and Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) gave $22 billion back to the health insurance industry--that had previously been cut--in a closed door session, no Democrats allowed. And there is case after case of these shady dealings going on. Another shady republican finance scheme, if true, shows the depth of their sleaze. You open up a whole slew of front companies and call them defense contractors. You submit a bunch of bids the pentagon didn't ask for and get your republican buddies to put a bunch of earmarks into a spending bill and presto-changeo, you turn tax dollars into republican TV commercials. This story was broke by Google Sherlock over at Kos.

Medicare has been turned into a joke. Our senior citizens are looking at acres of forms like a bull looking at a new gate. More complicated and more expensive. Governors across the country are scrambling to pick up the slack. Incomes are going down, good jobs are being lost, the environment is being destroyed, our treasuries been plundered, our military is getting short shriff, the constitution is being pushed aside and Republicans are on the take.

Looking across this withering failure of Republican policies, I think the Democrats stand an outstanding chance. After many years of being politically inactive, I have been spurred into action. Not just by quietly typing away a tirade and railing against the system, but physically as well. I have donated to my local Democratic party and have started, once again to become involved. My goal is to get two or three of my friends involved as well. It's a realistic goal and I feel confident I can do it. I think it's worth my time and effort to replace as many Republicans as possible and send a message that I want a good steward of the publics trust and wisdom in our foreign policy.

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