Thursday, February 23, 2006

Holy War In Iraq

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

The 1200 year old most holy Shiite mosque is in ruins, as is any hope of a stable Iraq. Our fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here goofy talking point lies amidst the ruins. The civil war, that has all but been declared by the MSM, is not a holy war jihad against the infidels, but against believers of the same faith. Holy sites throughout the cradle of civilization are under siege and being attacked.

The wobbly Iraqi government is calling for calm and suggestions that some outside source is responsible trying to foment internal strife. The claim may be a valid one but it requires reason. And faith picks up where reason ends. Unfortunately and too often faith usurps reason passionately. Those who question actions carried out in the name of religion are merely insufficiently religious, or more on point, godless heathens, subhuman and deserving of destruction.

Human search for existential points have caused faith to become the answer. We seek answers for what is unknowable and faith provides that by creating a deity that is all-knowing. This faith drives its followers to disdain, sometimes fanatically, actions contrary to the perceived will of the deity. Prophets lay out tenents, shrines are built, and the faithful worship and obey.

The caution is that our creator also gave humans the ability to reason. One assumed S/He expect us to use it. Especially to identify false prophets to cynically lead the flock astray. Recent events have shown how power and profit hungry people can acquire the leadership of the most powerful country on earth by contemptuously motivating religious followers to his cause. It is now understood that "yeehaw" is not a foreign policy. The current desecration of Muslim shrines in Iraq could very well flood the entire middle east region. Haters of America might decide to destroy Mecca and blame the infidels for the carnage. Instead of 12 terrorists armed with boxcutters we could very well be confronted by the entire Muslim world. This would be a direct result of false prophets cynically leading the flock astray for their own dubious purposes.

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

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