Monday, February 06, 2006

Gonzales Testifies; Can't Find Bible

So I listened to most of the hearings on the radio today. Abu Gonzo weaved and bobbed in an attempt to demonstrate his superior constitutional knowledge. His arguements were sprinkled with "clearly" this and "obviously" that, gently remonstrating the roomful of subordinates for not understanding the power of Jefe. I won't even try to rebut the dizzying arguements made on the opening day, I'll leave that in the cabable hands of Glenn. I'm just glad it was a debate and not just a cheering section.

What came through to me was we have this superduper secret spy program that's so secret they won't show anyone outside the echo chamber what's going on. They use the word "international" but when Abu Gonzo was asked if any intercepts happened from American soil to American soil he couldn't discuss operational details. No shit. Could it be because it goes against your shiny new title of "International Terrorist Surveillance program?" Basically he said this is legal, MYOB, we're professionals so trust us. Trust us??

You see, this is where the rub is. I mean, this administration has done such a bang-up job up 'til now. Starting with the smear on Senator Mcain in the primaries to election night. And that was just the pre-game. They can tap dance all around the legal issues if they want but the real issue is credibility, and the lack thereof. George of the Bungle's 45 day re-authorization reveiw was described as careful and thoughtful. Like when he was Governor of Texas and reduced his review time of death penalty cases from half an hour to 15 minutes.

So we have one of the nastiest campaigners in the White House controlling a superduper computer hearing aide. Who is he going to protect? Himself or the country? We already know they spy on their political enemies ala Tricky Dicky. The stories are already out here and here and here. I would rather Gonzo and Bungle be led off in leg Irons. Short of that, somebody has got to be able to look over these guy's shoulder.

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