Sunday, February 19, 2006

Our Three Legged Table

America is supported by three legs; Executive, Legislative and Judicial. When one leg grows to long or another too short--we get all wobbly and shit. Weird stuff starts happening and the town crier starts to scratch his head--which gives his balls a vacation. Which is what the press, for the most part, has been doing since 9/11 dubbed our overstuffed codpiece protector-in-chief for a nation of bedwetters. Seems like there is an election coming up and maybe congress is not so willing to be a lapdog for a very unpopular president who claims dictatorial authority.

One politician was concluding a day of very hard door to door campaigning and flesh pressing with a campaign fundraiser picnic at a local park. The main menu item was fried chicken and the famished candidate took his place at the feeding line. The lady with the tongs gave him two pieces of chicken and moved to the next plate. Our famished candidate protested saying he wanted more and added "I'm the candidate". The lady was unmoved as she told him "I'm the one with the tongs."

One would think elected leaders would be as provincial in their own capacity as the chicken lady. Truly, it would be hard to imagine a worse leader than the one we have now. Clearly he is not conservative and yet many conservatives blindly defend his every movement. Lately they seem to be increasingly scrambly, which is a technical term for nervous. Virtually every poll that I have seen shows an extremely unpopular president. He may quickly descend to toxic, or even to the level of Abramoff, radioactive. Imagine the idiocy of selling our port security to the financiers of 9/11. You got to have some major limber lips to sell that one.

I have always had little patients for someone who criticizes any and all statements and objectives of an elective official. I deem them partisan hacks who should be viewed as such and not taken overly seriously. I now find myself uncomfortably within their numbers. I can find no redeeming qualities in this administration and the lickspittle lapdogs in congress who carry their water. The one card they played continuously for political advantage was fear. Fear to blind us to all while they threw open the doors to our treasury for their donors to help themselves. And now they want to sell our port security to terrorist financiers. I mean, they do have money, right?

Last week Glenn Greenwald posted about this blind following of Bush is not patriotism and broached the subject of Republicans using fear for political gain. Apparently Alexandra von Maltzan who blogs at All Things Beautiful took exception to this claim. While true nothing short of a Vulcan mind meld or a short stay at Abu Graib for our leader could produce the undeniable truth to his motives, the circumstantial evidence of the right wing noise machine, led by our protector-in-chief, is nothing short of trying to induce some sort of mass hysteria. And now they want to sell our port security to terrorist financiers.

A heath care policy written by lobbyists, nation building in a disastrous and unnecessary war, no effort to find Osama bin Laden, exploding deficits, the abandonment of Katrina victims, exploding deficit giveaways to big oil, big pharmaceutical and the ultra rich, sham defense companies receiving earmarks to fund Republican campaigns, disastrous environmental laws, miners being killed by appointing lobbyists over mine safety, and on and on and on. I find no redeeming qualities for this administration and those who allow them free reign to rape pillage and plunder this country. And now they want to sell the advantage they felt they had. Those who now defend this administration are the beneficiaries of the sacking of America.

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