Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bush V. Feingold

So Russ proposes a censure for Bush's admitted and repeated violations of the constitution and his fellow Democrats run from him like he smells like a skunk getting a perm in a slaughterhouse septic tank. Pundits shriek that Russ has wobbled the Democrats off message and handed the midterm victories to the Republicans. It is apparently unusual for an elected official to do their job. It raises quite a fuss when one is caught doing so.

It seems quite a fuss was made when Clinton apparently violated FISA by conducting a physical search of some rat bastard selling Government secrets. Come to find out, FISA did not cover "physical searches" and the Clinton white house worked with congress to amend FISA to cover physical searches as well. The reason I think this is important is that this administration has admitted to violating FISA, and for some reason everyone just assumes it is the wireless surveillance portion of it. Can they just kick down your door in the name of national security? Maybe they thought they heard someone tell someone once that they heard you were involved with someone who knew someone who was involved with a commie sympathizer. All of this is naturally sorted by some NSA algorithm.

I am amazed the press continues to give this President the benefit of the doubt when he has earned no such benefit. His spectacular failure in all phases of Iraq (pre-conduct-post), devastating economic policy, cake eating during Katrina, 9/11 (as you can tell, these are not in order, just as they occur to me.) Dubai, this mans leadership is fluently stupid. Our congress has become an outlaw regime enabler and our MSM continues to fail miserably in their duty to inform accurately facts and truths, preferring to lazily rely on inside the beltway analists (sic?)

Senator Feingold should be surrounded by Democrats with no daylight separating them from their outrage at this administrations illegal activity. Certainly we were attacked by terrorists and we should be ever vigilant. Someone should inform the President with a Presidential Daily Briefing that says at the top in bold type Bin Laden Determined To Attack Inside The United States or something like that so we could get ready. But this administration is attacking our very way of life by a creeping soft dictator system. He doesn't need to be investigated; he needs to be stopped.

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