Saturday, June 20, 2009

Leave Meghan McCain Aloooooone!

She bravely entered the den of liberalism and admitted she was catching a lot of shit for it. Nonetheless, they treated her like a whetstone to sharpen their knives.

Meghan did way yonder better than I would've done when I was 25. I probably would've resembled a potted plant. Begala can't be blamed for taking an opening a truck could drive through, but Meghan does have a message as it pertains to the future of the Republican party. Trying to incorporate current complaints of the Democratic President is not part of it and just turns her into a typical whiny shill opening her up for drubbings like Paul gave her.

Note to Meghan--stick to your heartfelt beliefs as it pertains to the future of the Republican party and avoid trying to critique the opposition. Methinks your plate is overfull.

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