Saturday, June 06, 2009

Hoist By Their Own Petard

Dr. Ed put up an interesting post where he posits all that remain of the Republican party is fanatics.

Ya think?

Well, actually, there are four parts to the Republican Party.

The Corporate Cons. These are the guys who actually own the joint. Captains of Industry and Galactic Scions all. They send their sniveling whelps to the best schools and purchase them elite positions in think tanks who issue relentless opinions that if Pops has to pay taxes or clean up the megatons of daily toxic waste his company spews forth, then all America will die of festering boils. They have color charts and everything.
Now, The Corporate Cons are not a large voting bloc, and probably couldn't get elected coffee pot carrier at the local Ihop. That's just not their job. And they are not Republican or Democratic--the ideology they hold is entirely self beneficial. So who would be a good tool to help them out?

The Neo Cons. These are the lackey's, the lickspittles who carefully crafted a legalized bribery machine to power the military-industrial complex. Actual Congresscritters and Senawhores purchased to enact legislation to benefit their owners--and we are not talking about the American people. But unfortunately they were stuck in the 40 percent range and could never actually achieve power. What savior could they call upon to deliver them to the promised land?

The Theo Cons. About two generation ago it was determined that social issues could be used to push the Republican party over the top. A partnership was formed wherein the religious leaders vowed to deliver votes for the Corporate Cons much like a station wagon is used to deliver groceries. And the sermon on the mount was delivered, that the evil liberal had set upon the good, God fearing Christian, persecuting them, conducting evil that would condemn our great nation to eternal damnation.

Tha assault was relentless. Every month a new group to hate. Welfare queens, abortionists, sodomites, dirty fucking hippies, ad infinitum. Some were repelled by such rhetoric, but many were not. The distillation process left them with the...

Conned Cons. An entire generation or two of millions of people have been indoctrinated into the belief that Democrats and their policies or position are evil. They are akin to the ceramic doll in the back window of an El Dorado Cadillac, heads bobbing up and down to anything Rush or Hannity or Newt (the three stooges of the republican party) says. Intelligent discourse is gone and compromise is heresy. A construct designed wholly by the republican party, like Frankenstein, cobbled out of hate and intolerance, rotten flesh and bad breath, the Conned Cons walk around like the undead, spewing talking points like a right-wing pez-dispenser.

But this Frankenstein doesn't fear torches, he carries them. The three stooges told them to never show weakness by compromise, so they carefully look amongst themselves for non-purist and quickly set upon those they find. So the three stooges and Faux News get great ratings and are doing financially quite well in the free-enterprise system and the market of ideals.

But that succesful rating came at the cost of electoral disaster. Now the teabaggers feel persecuted once again, but they are such mindless drones they don't see their tormentors at the head of the parade.

And The Corporate Cons? Why, they are comfortably fondling the Democrats now.

And so it goes.


michele said...

So very true...and so sad.

Red S Tater said...

The 4 parts of the Democrat party are lying Socialists, lying Marxists, lying Stalinists and of course the lying Cowards.

Hoisted by their own hammer and sickle...