Thursday, May 24, 2007

US Military Plans Surrender In Iraq

World-wide shock and awe resulted from the United States Military announcing it cannot defeat its enemies in Iraq and are prepared to negotiate for peace.

The officials cited an inability to maintain current troop levels into the summer as a reason for the changed course.

"We have been focused too long on defeating the enemy," one official said. "We need to bring them to the negotiating table."

"The enemy" in Iraq has consistently been declared "terrorists" by the Bush administration for years. The American policy of not negotiating with terrorists has been in place for much longer.

Chief architects of the American surrender and terrorist negotiator in Iraq is General David Petraeus and U. S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker, according to CNN.


Anonymous said...

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Redstater said...

You've proven one thing, as scientists declared this week at Oxford U, Parallel Universes do exist, and you live in one.

Let us know when you get back on this planet.