Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Educating The Ignorant

Before any neocon or their apologists are allowed to abort American Principles, also known as the children of Democracy, they must undergo an intensive deprogramming regime.
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Conservatism, as a rule, is not in the best interest of the neocon; that neocons are often misled or ill-informed about its risks to their own physical or emotional health.
These are poor, wayward children that deserve all the sympathies our widdle pearl-clutching souls can muster. At least this is the latest and shiniest attempt to dress-up the pending coathanger laws surely set to come forth in light of last months Supreme Court decision upholding the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act.

Flush with pride with victory of seizing partial title to a woman's womb, the authoritarians will carry their message to state houses all across the country in their goal of subjugating women.
"Informed Consent" is the shiny new title for the pocket-knife used to whittle away at a woman's right for self-determination. Counseling will be mandatory because as every misogynist rightard knows, women are just silly and need to be told what's best for them.

If a girl is raped by her father, she simply must give birth to her brother.

Or, get permission from her father, get preached to by a state-appointed fundie, probably watch some heinous videos, all in order to terminate the pregnancy. "Informed Consent" is so patronizing it borders on the ridiculous.

Thank goodness we have Nancy Keenan, the head of NARAL, to derail this effort.

In light of Nancy Keenan's remarkable track record of unfettered mediocrity, why does she still have a job? The movement to defend against the onslaught against reproductive rights in today's climate demands strong and fearless leadership.

Nancy, you ain't it.

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Redstater said...

why are you so in favor of unborn baby killing? No skin off your chin...right?

Should a woman have the right to kill her unborn child 6 months into the pregnancy because it is a boy instead of a girl?
Kill her unborn child because she got mad at her husband/boyfriend as revenge?
Kill her unborn child without any reason whatsoever?

All of these things happen far more frequently than pregnancy from incest and rape combined.

Since the beginning of the Iraq war over 5 million children have been murdered by abortion in America, yet you cry outrage instead over a fake number of civilian deaths in Iraq because it fits your political template.