Sunday, May 06, 2007

Piss On The Fire And Call The Dogs

It is time to draw the curtain on the PNAC misadventure known as Iraq. We should not have invaded to begin with, it was poorly done and now that we have "delivered Iraq" from the stranglehold of a Tyrant into the welcoming bosom of democracy, it is clear they must want it worse than us, or it just won't happen.

The latest warfare on the homefront entails the battle of the razor-thin democratic majority, a majority that owes fealty to Americans, not whacky dirty hippy lefties, there are not enough of them, but the Americans that just shook their heads at Bush and his little band of apologists for the war in Iraq.

The bill to fund the troops was vetoed by Bush because it included a time to go date.

As much as the corporate media try to paint democratic leaders being held hostage by the far left, it just is not true. Unless the dirty fucking hippy crowd is now defined as seventy percent of America. Dude!

It is time to go. Never worry about how Republicans will try to spin and blame the failures on Democrats because they will do that no matter what.

I suppose the Dems will toss out a 3 month band aide for funding until they get their collective shit together. This will be done mainly to get Boner (R-tobacco) and McConnell (R-anti pillowcase) from screeching that our troops are pinned down and running out of bullets.

These guys are soulless and morally bankrupt corporate shills that continually ratchet up the hyperbole in hopes of making it on teevee.

The time this buys for the dems will allow about a one-half FU (Freidman Unit) to expire. During this interim it will provide an opportunity to peel off more Republican support from the Presidents "Majik Pony Plan" (all this manure, got to be a pony here somewheres--geddit?) to get enough votes to override a Presidential veto.

It matters not what happens politically here in America when the Democrats are finally successful in pulling our troops out of Iraq--according to Republicans, it will be the Democrats fault.

This is what they do. Republicans cannot govern because they do not believe in governance. They are very adept in formulating shiny talking points to promote social Darwinism, a concept they deny the creator.

If, after we depart and a bloodbath ensues, they will shout very loudly how right they were while wrapping themselves in the bloody flag. Consider how unhinged and screechy conservatives like Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Bush, Wolfowitz, Cheney and Rumsfeld have been up to this point, when they have been wrong virtually all the time.

Now imagine how screechy they shall become if, by some accident, they get lucky and get one right. I can't remember who said "Ten thousand monkeys typing on ten thousand typewriters for ten thousand years will produce the entire works of William Shakespeare.

They are bound to get one right once in awhile.

But if the other happens--the Americans pull out and the Iraqi's say, "Gee golly gosh, I guess we better sorta figure this thing out," and produce a stable government.

Then the Republicans will say, "We managed to hold to our principles just long enough and stave off the dirty fucking hippy horde to allow this to happen."

These shitwhistles are asshats. Fuck'em. The dog barks while the caravan marches on. I urge the Democrats to hold fast and do not capitulate to the resolute decider codpiece in chief. This man is irrelevant. All pressure must be placed on those republicans in vulnerable districts. Target them mercilessly in their own districts with their own hate-filled warmongering Bush ass-kissing ads possible. Shake down all lefties for money to buy the ads. Any Dem in a safe seat with a vast warchest must be coerced to pony up.

It is time to go.

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