Saturday, May 19, 2007

How Low Can Bush Go?

President Bush still commands a solid popularity among his die hard base, that unflagging thirty percent of authoritarian cultists who pledge their undying fealty, at least until resolute Commander Guy threw in the towel on his War On Brown People. Nowhere is the presence of Bush lovers more apparent than in the rightard half of the blogosphere, many of whom coagulate in the fetid swamp of the Free Republic. Freepers, as they are called, have thrown Bush under the bus. via Wonkette:
  • We still have Tancredo, Hunter and Fred Thompson on our side. This bill wont go anywhere when our representatives start receiving our faxes
  • The rule of law has just been thrown out the window. I agree that impeachment is in order.
  • And the SELL OUT of the AMERICAN people begins!
  • Bring my Step-Son home from Iraq now El Presedente. You don’t deserve his service.
  • Bush blasphemy! Shameful leader!
  • I’m done with him on this and many other issues. I’ll never vote for him again. Illegal invaders are going to kill us all.
  • “BUSH SUCKS” And the leftists blogs are now PROUD of this fool! What a dichotomy.
  • I just said the same thing to my husband - my nephew has been ordered back for the second time after being home for only 10 months. I want them home now, why fight and die for this country of Mexico. I just can’t believe I worked so hard to get this man elected not once but twice. NEVER AGAIN - no more money and no more volunteer hours for the grand ole GOP
  • His brother Bill was the first black president, now we have the first Hispanic president.
  • The conservative movement has now been set adrift….like so much jetsam. Our champion has become our betrayer, IMHO.
  • My husband just recently retired and we where planning on going back to Texas but we are now seriously considering Australia. It looks better and better each minute. Our kids want to leave also !!! And you are right, we have been betrayed.
  • An thus the united States of America is being sold out by those that claim to love her. May they rot before they die. I see the end of my great nation, the shining star in a morass of mediocre to outright scum countries.
  • This is what happens when you kill 40 million unborn US citizens.
  • I pray he gets IMPEACHED. This is a dark day in America.
  • I have long thought that BJBilly was the worst president in history, now I am not so sure………..At least Clinton stuck to BJs instead of trying to f*ck the entire country, like Jorge.
  • Look this is what it all boils down to, these people in Washington are no different than the celebrities in hollyweird,they do not respect the rule of law or the ten commandments. These people feel they are above the law and can do as they please. And that means they can turn the United States into a third world country.Right now these Washington jackasses are NOT paying attention to Iran because they are too busy making life easier for the RICH in MEXICO.
  • The invasion of the United States by the criminal army of Aztlan is complete.

Yes, these are comments from the last bastion of the famed Bush base. See, when you build a party upon the foundation of law and order resulting in the protection of things and property values at the expense of people, especially the "other" people, you should expect such a reaction.

Bush clearly violated the law with his domestic warrant less wiretapping program, but the rightards defended it by calling anyone who called his actions criminal "terrorist sympathizers."

He promises to veto a bill that recognizes if some redneck catches some fairy mincing down his block and runs over him in a pickup truck, two crimes have occurred--murder and terrorizing a group of people. So who here is the terrorist sympathizer?

The Bush administration shredded the constitution by eliminating habeus corpus and his hard right thirty nary flinched.

I guess the only law rightards want applied by a Republican, is the law of white supremacy

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