Sunday, May 06, 2007


No one in the reality based community has ever denied that Faux "News" was nothing more than a propaganda tool for the Republican party, indeed getting its "news" from the blast faxes of the RNC and the White House.

But, to be "fair and balanced" they sometimes get their talking points from their BFF, Al Qaida. I'm not kidding.

WALLACE: Let's talk about one aspect of that. The Democrats now seem in a race to try to come up with a plan to get out of Iraq.

Ayman al-Zawahiri, the number two Al Qaida leader, says the bill that you Democrats sent the president is proof of the American defeat in Iraq. And we'll talk about the details in a moment.

But does your party run the risk of being seen by the American people, as they were after Vietnam, as soft on national security?

Now, smirky Wallace, posed this question to the senior Senator from CT, the real Democrat and Presidential candidate, Chris Dodd.

As an armchair consultant, allow me to field this question for the Senator.

OFG: Now Wally, I think the fact this administration, prior to 9/11, received over 52 separate warnings, including a PDB stating Osama Determined to Attack Inside the US and not taking any action, or even calling a meeting, instead opting to take multiple lengthy vacations shows which party is soft on national security.

Further, the fact that Al Qaida makes more videos than Girls Gone Wild, and that Zawahiri and bin Laden are taking up oxygen that could be going for some useful purpose illustrates that this administration has done little more than recruit more terrorists.

Just. Too. Easy.

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