Monday, September 17, 2007

No Reindeer Games For Rudoph

Rudy, America's Governor, is clutching his pearls and fanning his face in a massive case of the vapors over the's ad questioning the spin delivered by Petraeus. I guess he thinks it is a drag. This is a typical Republican ploy to divert attention away from the wholesale slaughter and financial ruin that lay's in their wake by screaming and shouting about "incivility" and lack of "comity."

Hey Rudy. Fuck You. You are a vapid slut, a serial adulterer who has been married three times. Your first wife was your second cousin fer chrissakes. In all of your dealings, both politically and professionally, you leave a foul slime trail.

The front-runner for the Republican party is in favor of gun control, abortion and gay rights. This means the only people left in the Republican party are sheeple, mindless hive-thought stepford wives dutifully reciting the chorus issued to them by the mighty right-wing wurlitzer. God, guns and gays are the trifecta platform of the "family values" party, and yet, if you chant terror 24/7 the rightards cast all this aside out of concern for their soiled pampers.

And Rudy chants terror, 24/7.

Congress formed the Iraq Study Group, a bi-partisan group to look at all aspects of the rapidly deteriorating conditions in Iraq in a futile attempt to get Bush to change course. Rudy was named to this committee. But after five weeks of no-shows, the top Republican told Rudy to show up or quit. Citing scheduling conflicts, Rudy quit. Now, what could be more important than getting some bonafide foreign policy cred and helping America with the most important matter in a generation?

Making some money!

That's right, America's Mayor was busy delivering speeches for hundreds of thousands of dollars standing on a podium of three thousand dead Americans saying, "I...Me...I...Me...blah blah blah."

And he is one of Bush's biggest cheerleaders in The War In Error. Their latest product slogan is "Return On Success."

I sent three labels of right-wing kool-aide to Battle Creek Michigan and just got my rightard decoder ring back in the mail. It amazes me how concise rightardspeak is compared to what it means when decoded.

"Return On Success" means "we don't care how stressed and strained the troops are, you ain't coming back until you win our goddam war!"

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