Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Generals BetrayUs, According To Faux Snooze

The feigned outrage of a million decibels of rightard spew had the entire government falling all over itself to cast a vote condemning an ad ran by MoveOn. Yet a mere squeak is heard when the mighty right-wing wurlitzer does far worse. The Oxy Moron calls over 70% of our troops currently deployed in Iraq "phony soldiers" and Fox News Contributor and a frequent guest of phone sex enthusiast Bill O'Reilly David Hunt says:

Top Military Officials are a Disgrace to Those They Lead

Our generals are betraying our soldiers … again

We can be assured that the very serious Mr. Hume for Faux Snooze will not pound his little table and demand a retraction, since both of these despicable people live on the same side of the Village.

We on the left can loudly and vehemently proclaim our righteous indignation at the heresy proclaimed by chickenhawks that crowd the war-mongering division of BushCo, send blast-faxes, set up phone-banks and email campaigns to our legislature demanding a vote condemning each and every one of these outrages. The result would be some timid, watered down version calling for a return to civility.


Because the right protects its base and the left run from theirs. This very dynamic has drug this country to the very brink of fascism. The rightards control corporate media. Most syndicated columnists are conservative, 9 out of ten hours of political talk terrestrial radio are conservative and every time a Delay or Foley or Craig or Abramoff is mentioned on network news, the chattering classes out of pure reflex say "Democrats too" to give "balance" and smear all public servants with the criminal regime that is the Republican party.

Further, in America we believe in the freedom of speech. But when Democrats curl up in a fetal position and flail themselves in the disgusting spectacle they exhibited in voting with the enemy to flog themselves, it drives one to demand two wrongs make a right, despite what my momma told me.

Perhaps the pushback the left is inflicting on Democrats has them confused and hurt. The truth is we are trying to keep them from making asses of themselves. Never repeat right-wing talking points. The very fact that they want to muzzle free speech about a war's fifty-seventh reason is to export democracy and freedom is absolutely insane on the face of it. We are here to help. Please pay attention, cause, well, we vote, we have money and we are correct.

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Redstater said...

If you are here to keep Democrats from "making asses of themselves" as you said..
then I'm sad to report that you failed miserably and instead joined them and are now helping to lead the parade. Let me hear a Hee-Haw,... or was that Yeeee-Haaaaa (Howard Dean)