Thursday, September 27, 2007

Let Me Be Clear

I Am Not A Racist...
I Never Have Been...

A Racist.

Where they gather to declare themselves idiots and spew their hateful ideology...

And the political party that holds them close to their bosom.

Much like a belligerent drunk being accused of alcoholism, the immediate response is denial and threats of a boozy brawl. Never is any admission made to an actual problem existing. The real problem is with all the trouble-makers attacking such fine, upstanding citizens. At least in Billo's world. At least Imus and Cosmo apologized, however, they denied being racist.

Again, this is the foggy thinking of a drunk, the public shame of being a racist (in most circles) makes it nearly impossible for someone to admit, or even recognize being a racist. Bill'o was just simply fascinated that black people were acting just like normal people, which leads one to conclude he expects minorities to behave in an abnormal way, and was surprised that they did not.

To defend his confounding logic, he claims he was defending minorities by pointing out, to his shock and awe, that they can behave in public.

This sad and pathetic pundit then sulls up and lashes out at Media Matters for putting up his undoctored audio from his radio show where he made his racist comments, along with a complete transcript, for taking his words out of context. Further, he lambastes all other media that picks up on the story to expose this small-minded racist for who he is.

Yes, It is Bill O'Reilly who is the victim. The rich white guy from the mean streets of Long Island proclaims loudly that it is all about "the man" keeping you down.

It is Bill'o who does not know how to behave in public.

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