Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Thumpin'

The Democratic party, in spite of DSCC head Chuck Schumer and DCCC head Rahm Emanuel, gained the majority in both houses of congress. Chuck and Rahm are afflicted with the Corporatist mindset and an affinity for all it entails. Fortunately, a groundswell of populism, fueled in large part by lefty bloggers, was able to overcome wussy-assed Republican-lite candidates hand picked and financed by Chuck and Rahm to at least provide a voice in congress to the middle-class.

The Democrats in the House of Representatives gained 29 seats, some are being re-counted. Rahm picked 22 seats he thought he could win. He won eight. Nearly all of his picks were pro-war. In my book, this makes him a phenomenal loser, wasting huge amounts of money on candidates that did not stand on the right side of a bright line, so clearly visible to everyone else. Who would vote to merely swap one warmongering K-Street buddy for another one? Nevertheless, Rahm quickly jumped out front and made it look like he was leading the parade. John Walsh has the blow-by-blow of Rahms failures at counterpunch.

Chuck Schumer fares just as bad, forcing Hackett out, cautioning Dems against talking about the war, treating the netroots with contempt and remaining so cozy with his Wall Street donors. For more about the problems with Chuck, Pach has a great post up at FDL.

Clearly the American people are tired of fatcats making deals assuming we'll be content with the scraps that fall from their plates. The trickle on policy of Reaganomics have been exposed for the scam that they are; namely, give tax breaks and deregulate corporations, prop up the economy through massive borrowing and pass the burdens of their good times onto the children of America.

Chuck and Rahm seek to just move some nameplates around to get their turn at perks and fondling the swells. The corruption and the disastrous occupation of Iraq has delivered them the power to change our policies and the linear thought process of the Bush junta. Both of these guys hate the netroots, or people powered politics because we will force them to act like Democrats and look out for the middle class. It's what the people want.


Red Stater said...

Olifieldguy, I must praise you for allowing an opposing opinion on your blog.
You are virtually the ONLY left leaning blog that allows dissenting opinions in their comments.
Can't say the same for "Okie Funk".

What Reaganomics proved (as did the Bush Tax cuts) is that record economic boom occurs as a result of tax cuts.Incomes go up for all levels of earnings, country prospers and government ends up making MORE money. (note reduced deficit)
It is hard to give much of a tax break to the lowest paying segment of tax revenue, but $2,000.00 means something to a family of 4 making $70k.

Oilfieldguy said...

I encourage debate, therefore I do not squelch dissenting opinions. Also, many right leaning blogs frequently scrub dissent from their comments, or don't allow comments at all. You are entitled to your own opinions, however, you are not entitled to your own facts.

The latest reduction in deficit spending that are held on high as proof of corporate welfare nets increases in tax revenues is a scam. Dubyas GWOT, billions of dollars, is not included. Neither is the raid on social security surpluses to finance corporate welfare.

As far as the country prospering, please email me your credit card numbers, and I'll show you how well I can prosper. It is a simple thing to finance our economic engine with foreign dollars backed by the full faith and credit of the United States taxpayer, that is you and me.

No red, the facts are in and they are irrefutable. We have had four Presidents in the last 25 years, all Republican save one. Every President used "supply side economics" and piled up massive debts, save one, who actually left a surplus.

The Bush regime has piled up more debt than all previous administrations combined. Congress has had to bump the limit on our national credit card five times, and we are rapidly closing in on nine trillion dollars.

To give you some idea of how much just one trillion dollars is, you would have to spend a million dollars a day for a million days. That would be somewhere north of twenty six hundred years. And that is just one trillion.

Since Republicans do not believe in Government, I am all for keeping them from governing. They really suck at it. Long on sales and pitch, but incapable of the careful consideration involved in governing.