Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Articles of Impeachment

So what happens when some investigation turns up serious criminal activity from a Republican member of congress? Or several? I can see a situation where the incumbency protection racket kicks in (if you want to know what this is, ask Ned Lamont) and a deal is struck for impeachment brought by Republicans. The Democrats would remain unstained, and Republicans have serious issues with Bushco right now. Would we be left with "full steam ahead" Darth Cheney? Could they get them both? President Pelosi?

I think Bush has more to fear from Republicans right now than subpoena wielding Democrats. The mantra of "Conservatism cannot fail, people can only fail conservatism," is being heralded far and wide. Run this through my oil filter and it sounds like "failures cannot be conservatives." Look for Bush to continue to plummet in the polls as his last, die hard thirty per centers continue to bail. It might be better not to impeach him. All the dirty laundry is fixing to come out--a jacket of many colors should be fashioned for him to wear--he is the albatross of the Republican party--their titular head and the embodiment of all that is conservative.

Let us never forget.


Red Stater said...

let us also not forget that the last time a Democrat was in the white house, there was an impeachment.

Perhaps that is worth remembering before crowning Clinton queen of the universe.

If dems try and impeach Bush, they can forget about 08.

Oilfieldguy said...

Which is why the post was about Republicans impeaching Bush...I think...let me check.


Did you even read the post, or at least have someone read it to you?

Red Stater said...

You can throw cheep insults, but I thought we weren't gonna go there.
I ignored the obviously ignorant part of your post, figuring it was pointless or tounge in cheek.

Your "dream" of Republicans impeaching Bush is like all the other dreams Dems have had in "nightmares".

To quote a very smart blogger...
Here in the blogosphere we have a thing called links to support opinions, (try it sometime) where are your alleged Republican turncoats ready to kick Bush AND Cheney out so Queen Pelosi can assume her rightful throne?

Or do you just spout hatred with no verification whatsoever?

It seems you should be more concerned with all the infighting among Democrats right now. Pelosi has been rejected on two out of two of her committee chair picks... BY DEMOCRATS. lol
Howard Dean is getting closer and closer to being thrown under the bus over campaign money and John Kerry just keeps getting stupider and stupider, but won't keep his mouth shut.

Less than a month after winning the election and Dems are already in total chaos.

They need to take another poll to see what their opinions are in order to know what to do next.