Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Tomorrow

Well, tomorrow is a big day for our country, and once again I'm sure we'll demonstrate to the world what a beacon of light on the hill we are, and a sterling example of fair and accurate elections. I never minded losing on the merits, or messaging, or even coming up short in the rough and tumble world of full-contact politics.

But once again we are troubled by underhanded voter supression tactics and bothersome "robo calls" and perhaps, them damn rickety "privately owned" voter machines. Oh well, wade through the crap and vote.

I have been listening to the pundits divine the polls and national mood and try to determine who will be left standing. In many of the races, they say it is too close to call, and it all comes down to turnout. Turnout hinges mostly on motivation. Republicans have returned to their old mantra; Fear. However, virtually all Democrats, most independents and even many Republicans are just plain angry.

Is it better to run scared or angry?

The answer comes tomorrow.


Red Stater said...

You forgot to mention voter fraud.

The action group ACORN has been caught signing up dead people and signing up the same person under 5 or 6 different names and addresses in several states (including Kansas, Dorothy)... Oh by the way they were all Democrats.

In liberals quest to avoid "voter suppression" (lol) they are willing to let dead people vote 4 times each!

Culture of corruption and hypocricy.

Anonymous said...

its almost humorous to watch kitten gloat in a victory by the dems that was really a loss by the conservatives. how about some more comments about the purity of your party along the abramof lines. it's looking like the great harry reid may get his go to jail papers, oh wait he is obviosly above the law or maybe you support money laundering since the money was directed through "other entities"