Friday, October 03, 2008

Rudderless Republicans

Current polls show Obama at 51 and McCain at 40. Perhaps Johnny should put his suspenders back on because it's getting pretty boring out here. For some reason, America has seemed to notice the gigantic pile of corpses, overloaded big oil bank vaults, debt numbers that only exist in theoretical physics, massive job losses and the Wall Street extortion of American taxpayers.

The lock step march of the Republican party dragging America off a cliff has began to seep into the American consciousness. When McCain loses, which he will and very badly, will the conventional wisdom blame him for not embracing the christopaths hard enough? That was the downfall of Kerry, right?

We need leadership in this country, both on the domestic economy side and on the foreign policy side and both are extremely urgent--the dash lights are blinking red. The next President will have to look at his vice-president and divide down the middle, attacking both directions at once.

Where would you put McCain and where would you put Palin?

Fortunately, by all appearances that turd will not have to be split. I usually don't make predictions but it is starting to look like Obama will break 300 in the electoral college.

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