Saturday, October 04, 2008

Post VP Debate Show Republicans Tanking

George Harris of the Kansas City Star did a roundup of polls for the VP debates between Biden and Palin:

Survey USA Biden 51% Palin 32%
Undecided 17% tracked independent voters, showing them breaking to Biden 67% to Palin 33%.

CNN/Opinion Research Biden 51 Palin 36
CBS Biden 46 Palin 21
Fox Biden 61 Palin 39

He also included this:
The issue from the Thursday night debate ultimately is not about Palin but about McCain's judgment in selecting someone with so little qualification for national office.
Which may be one reason why McCain's favorable rating stands at -5 and Palin's stands at -10. Of course all these things can change, but the view of things have Obama on the offense and McCain on the defense. Seems like the 50 state strategy was a good idea, instead of just hunkering down on the east coast, west coast and around Chicago.

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