Saturday, October 04, 2008

Free OJ

My house got broke into so I filed a police report. I was broke into again and filed another police report, then I went and bought a security camera that saves images remotely. Sure enough, I was broke into again and the thief stole my camera, which means I have a beautiful close-up of the criminal in the act of stealing. I identified the criminal as the punk from across the street and gave all the evidence to the police.

It has been about six weeks and still the police have not arrested the little prick. In light of their refusal to act, I should be able to go get my stuff back, and pity to the fool who tried to stop me.

Seems the police would rather hide in the bushes waiting for some poor slob who overslept due to workload, driving too fast to work to pay for the stuff some criminal is carrying out his back door.

I am not a fan of OJ, but what is a guy supposed to do when the police refuse to act?

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Chris said...

Contact your Attorney General.