Tuesday, April 29, 2008

McCain's 100 Year War with Iraq

Seems the hot headed John McCain, along with the Republican National Committee are outraged that the Democratic National Party would put the "straight talkers'" very own words in a commercial.

The primary defense of McCain and the RNC is his words are taken out of context, and lack the necessary Vulcan mind-meld required to divine his thinking, saying it is the casualties American soldiers suffer that, if eliminated, would allow American's to support a 100 year American presence in Iraq. The RNC and McCain point to the Korean model, Japan and Germany as evidence of such long-term American presence being endorsed by the American people.

So, now into our sixth year, is the McCain plan to continue an occupation where American soldiers are being killed until American casualties are eliminated? If that does not happen, do we stay until it does, and then begin with the Korean model?

If McCain becomes President, more Americans will die. He will Stay The Corpse.

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