Saturday, April 26, 2008

Broder Unplugged

Broder, third from right on evolutionary chart shown here, wants to know what Timmeh had for breakfast.

The Dean of the Washington Press Village, David S. Broder, cast his pearls of wisdom before the swine of ignorance:
In an age of deep cynicism about politicians of both parties, McCain is the rare exception who is not assumed to be willing to sacrifice personal credibility to prevail in any contest.
This, more clearly than anything else, represents the truest obstacle to the Democrats regaining the White House. Here is the Dean Broder himself telling both Obama and Clinton, if they want the White House, they will have to go through the entire corporate political press machinations, along with what they filter as credible and worthy. The noisy and smelly and wussyfied dirty fucking hippies shall not sully the good name of St. John McCain.

The Dean doesn't want Democrats coming in and "trashing the place, because it is not their place."

This is what he famously wrote during the Monica/Clenis period of the last Democrat elected to the White House. Bill was elected. He was wildly popular and the unelected Dean was disturbed by these "aromatic" Democrats trashing his place.

Now he is losing any and all remaining vestiges of credibility by pretending John McCain is a, "rare exception" who won't " sacrifice personal credibility" to blah, blah blah. Blather rinse, repeat.

Remember, Dean is a leading stenographer for Rove, Dubya, and Corporate America. He is also the current President of the Village Voice--all political corespondents look to Broder to see how to act.

Broder is clearly off the reservation and entered the realm of advocacy. No one has ever flipped and flopped more and quicker than John McCain. For Broder to refuse to see this deems his commentary myopic and more than a little biased.

I shit on him from a great height.

If the corporate media insist on shilling for republicans and roadblocking for democrats, requiring us in the lefty blogosphere to point out how consistently stupid they are, well, we can do that. It will hurt when we do, assholes.

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otchmoson said...

McCain won't "sacrifice personal credibility"? Talking points: graduated near bottom of his class; caused explosion on US naval vessel; crashed several U.S. multi-million aircraft; aided Keating scandal; tossed aside wife #1 for monied, trophy wife #2; kissed up GWB after being smeared by him; anything else? Sacrifice indicates having to give something up--you know, like St. McCain did in VietNam. he 'gave up' his freedom. What has he given up (sacrificed) in response to all the above? Nothing--each bad act has been rewarded. He's "sacrificed" all the way to the top . . . and hides behind the banner of his ONE true sacrificial event. Broder claims St.McCain won't "sacrifice his personal integrity." What "personal integrity." My question is this: how can you sacrifice what you don't have?