Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bush Not Responsible

President* Bush stepped in front of the cameras yesterday to address the continuing economic crisis facing America. He bravely blamed congress 16 times in his opening statement alone.

This is rather odd, since he has spent his entire Presidency claiming the congress is virtually irrelevant. Only since his rubber-stampers were shown the door in the 2006 elections have the Republicans decided their new tactic, congressional constipation, is the way to go, so to speak.

In this era of the Bush Economic miracle, where we are reaping the benefits of his agenda and policies, the fault lies, according to him, with the congress.

I would encourage a member of congress to come forth and say they will admit being responsible if Bush will admit being irresponsible.

The neocon vision of unregulated capitalism and the denunciation of anything like universal health care and collective bargaining as socialism has been tried before.

In Europe, awhile back.

It is referred to as "The Dark Ages."

A dark ideology indeed.

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