Sunday, December 09, 2007

Paul Jacob In Oklahoma

Carpetbagger and convicted violator of the Selective Services Act (draft dodger?) Paul Jacob and his Libertarian minions descended on Oklahoma to amend our constitution as they saw fit. Libertarians are just Republicans who want to smoke dope and get laid (legalize drugs and prostitution, among other things far worse).

This machine of locusts plague states with petitions to term limit legislators, but violently oppose any form of campaign finance reform, thereby effectively replacing highly popular legislators with corporate whores capable of purchasing a legislative office, de-regulating everything and the elimination of the middle class.

Their latest venture, the Orwellian-named "Taxpayers Bill Of Rights" or TABOR, sought to cap government spending. This is a noble gesture, and no one can deny our Government spends way too much. Especially in Iraq, or corporate welfare, or abstinence only education.

This is why, in Oklahoma anyway, taxes cannot be raised without a vote of the people, and we cannot spend more than we take in.

These issues are already addressed in Oklahoma. Putting further downward budgetary pressures on our states budget would only realistically hurt our public education system.

But the Oklahoma Attorney General busted Jacobs ass and two of his partners for violating election law. We have a residency requirement for circulators of petitions, and perhaps a room at the Super 8 for the Jacob minions does not fulfill that requirement.

I am not being fair. Jacobs claimed he checked the law on residency and tried to comply but nevertheless he is charged with violations of the law, and is staring at a boatload of legal fees, not to mentions fines and jail time if convicted.

Now, the Jacob camp is referring to him and his two partners as the "Oklahoma 3". Heh. A convicted Libertarian carpetbagger from Virginia, some lady from Michigan and a guy from Tulsa. Poor downtrodden local folks.

Their chief tormentor, Drew Edmondson, is called "Ayatollah Edmondson" along with junior-high artwork of a turban-swathed depiction of our state attorney general. Real classy.

So, enough petitions for TABOR were thrown out to deny it being placed on the ballot and the convict and his minions were led away in chains.

I still have not cut my way through the spin whether Jacobs was led into an ambush or not. I am opposed to everything Jacobs stands for and believes in and feel our Oklahoma constitution must be protected from outside agitators being paid by the signature on initiative petitions.

These guys hate lawyers, but they always have plenty of them. One would think this would have been thoroughly examined. If the law is unclear it should be addressed by our legislature.

Or we could have an initiative petition.


Thomas said...

Amen, Oilman!
I too am sick of these shills for Big Business trying to pose as martyrs.

WCTaxpayers said...

I know Paul Jacob and he is a principled and hard working man. It is difficult for the average citizen to deal with government. It certainly is not taxpayer friendly on any level. Because he has been successful in his own state, he has offered his services to others.

Mr. Jacob can not do anything the people of Oklahoma don't want him to do. The people have the last word. Believe me when I say that those who oppose what he has to say have more resources and will counter anything he has to say.

What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that the people may have a vote?

Rose Bogaert, Chair
Wayne County Taxpayers Associaion, Inc.

James said...

On the contrary, there are surely enough Oklahomans with good common sense to know that TABOR is poison - all we have to do is to look next door to Colorado, which eventually had to do away with TABOR after it decimated the state. Usually I'm pretty sympathetic to libertarians, but Jacob struck me as one of those snake-oil salesmen who gives libertarianism a bad name. Feh.