Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Name Change

Seems I spend an inordinate amount of time explaining the name of my blog, so an early New Year's resolution is a name change. The URL will remain the same, since I'm too friggin stoopid to figure out how to change it. I don't know if I like this new name or not. At least it's not right.


Bustednuckles said...

Yeah, I don't know if I care for it either.
Maybe, Anything But Right?
Either way, I'll still be able to find you.


One Southern Belle said...


OneSouthernBelle here.

So, a while back you and I had a lively exchange on your blog regarding your hatred of unborn babies--remember? Anyway, you replied to my comment and, shamefully, I never replied again. I just wanted to apologize profusely and tell you I did not intend that as an offense; rather, I just got too danged busy.

By the way, I do prefer "Just Not Right" to "Kittenstomper"--and really, I don't know how to change the URL either. Why don't you just start a second blog--something like "Puppy Cuddles" or "Happy Guy" or even "Wander Lust" since you apparently travel a lot. You know, something a little more....ummmm...happy. (I realize you Dems are morally opposed to happiness, but you could give it the old college try!)

So what's up with you lately?

One Southern Belle said...

Ummm...also...I'd like to make some general observations on folks in Oklahoma. May I do so here? Is that rude?

Oilfieldguy said...

I do vaguely recall a lengthy discussion with you, but it was about your hatred of freedom and the subjugation of women pursuing self-determination to a Vulcan mind-meld with a Dobson/Robertson Talibangelical droidbotclone.

No regrets on your lack of a reply though, I took you for your word it was your final word and closed the thread. If you have purchased gas lately, you may have some idea how busy I am. Also, my laptop is somewhat twitchy, something about the motherboard. I will have to break down and get another one soon. I am thinking mac.

As far as the name change goes, I knew I would have to do it sooner or later. Seems people are somewhat hesitant to link to me merely because of the ewww factor.

Lefties are not morally opposed to happiness. Indeed, we are still tagged with the dirty effing hippy label of the 60s and the "Make Love Not War" slogan of the Vietnam era. Reagan famously said "It looks like they could do neither".

I am used to the slings and arrows of the thirty percent you can fool all of the time and have chunks of them in my stool.

Yes, I know I could write about boats and flowers and rainbows. I could create travelogue brochures and numerous other meaningless trifles that say "happy, happy, joy, joy", perhaps earning a stipend in return.

But I love my country and Americans too much to waste whatever talents I have on anything but asking our government to serve the people who elect them, not the corporations who finance them.

More rights, not less.

Open Government and private citizens, not the other way around.

Most bloggers refer to your "suggestion" as coming from a "concern troll". I enjoyed our debate and hope to have more in the future, but rest assured, I will stay on point and on the attack because it is in my nature to fight back.

"Lately" I just left the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. The Federal Government, to the glee of many, has expanded its payroll and are vigilantly swarming the border towns. I saw the "electronic eyeballs" at work, but can't figure out why they clustered twenty of them in a ten foot space on the side of the highway. I guess everything has to be somewhere.

Best to you.


Oilfieldguy said...

OSB said,

Ummm...also...I'd like to make some general observations on folks in Oklahoma. May I do so here? Is that rude?

Only if you belch while doing so.

Bustednuckles said...

What do ya know, I actually caught you at home.
How ya been besides busy?

One Southern Belle said...

Hey--I have a Mac, and I LOVE it! Highly suggest getting one.

I'm choosing to ignore your "slings and arrows" and instead focus on your "I love my country" comment. Good for you! I love my country as well. I frequently tell people I am the most patriotic person they will ever encounter...and I mean it! I actually don't have much patience for people who do what they do (even if they happen to agree with me) because they are driven by something other than gratitude and unyielding love for the greatest country on earth--for me, that ought to be the absolute minimum requirement/justification for action with regard to calls for policy change. I have never doubted that you liberals love your country. I just happen to vehemently disagree with the method(s) you choose to express that love.

By the way, I'm going to hold off on my Okie assessment for now--it may be premature.

Oilfieldguy said...

Sorry, Busted,

I have had to moderate my comments to weed out the idiots. Seems I have attracted more rightards than summer evening porchlights attract June bugs.

They are mostly annoying and easily fended off--seems wingnuts don't fly so good. Perhaps when I b ecome a rich movie producer I can hire moderators to pop the wingnuts when they fly in. Until then, it is up to us working stiffs to punch the investor class in the nose. I know, it's like clubbing baby seals, but they have bought the media and this is our only avenue.

We do not negotiate--we fight back.

Oilfieldguy said...

OSB said:

I frequently tell people I am the most patriotic person they will ever encounter...and I mean it!

You sound raher obnoxious.

Further, OSB said:

I have never doubted that you liberals love your country. I just happen to vehemently disagree with the method(s) you choose to express that love.

Time to take you to the woodshed, M'lady. I shall not use a delicate touch since clearly you are fogged of rational senses. First we shall display the methods that you are devoted to, prior to displaying the methods you oppose.

A small preface:

One must be careful of joining a church or clan or cult, for an inhabitant does not have the luxury of picking peas from carrots. In the Texas Hold'em fashion, once a member, you are "all in". (My apology's to English professors for ending a sentence in a preposition).

"Your method" includes calling the opposition party baby killing sodomites.

"Your method" includes conflating Mr. 30 percent with America.

"Your method" endorses torture.

"Your method" endorses the elimination of privacy.

"Your method" endorses imprisonment without charge.

"Your method" endorses Complete, Blind and Total Fealty with Mr. 30 percent.

"Your method" endorses happiness derived from the crumbs that fall from the plate of Multi-National Corporations.

"Your method" endorses de-regulation allowing unscrupulous lenders to rape the unwitting and destroy the economy of a continent.

Are you getting the picture yet? I have no doubt you can rationalize each of these positions but the fact remains the idea of America has a black eye as a direct result of "your positions."

The methods that I choose to express the love I have for my country does not exist in real estate or holdings or capitol ventures, but in the people who live here.

I do not hold them in contempt for banding together so they might be able to live a decent life.

I do not say they are giving "aide and comfort to the enemy" when they question sending American blood and treasure on a fool's errand.

"My method" in this democracy recognizes the goal of a corporation is monopoly.

"My method" recognizes the right to organize for corporations as well as citizens.

"My method" recognizes other choices exist besides being at the table or on the menu.

And finally, "My method" recognizes the validity of your position, whereas the reverse is ridiculed.

Truthfully, there are multiple salient points to the conservative position, and I share a great many of them at my core. Unfortunately, the corporatists have bought and purchased the republican party, hollowed out a perfectly good religion to stuff with voters and sprinkled on a generous helping of racism to squeak out every vote possible.

Republicans are now a freak show. A bunch of corporate whores preaching a religion of hate driving a Cadillac El Dorado off a cliff with its voters sitting in the back window like a ceramic dachshund, head dutifully bobbing up and down. Feh.

As long as Republicans block regulation from asshats like Angelo Mozilo, the CEO for Countrywide and midwife of our current economic continental meltdown, they will remain a criminal enterprise.

Mozilo's pay package gives him a golden parachute worth slightly less than half a billion dollars for his stellar performance for the last four years of Republican reign.

The cost to Americans? Homelessness, agony and unspeakable grief. Total in dollars is about $100 billion by my count.

Health care? How about helth insurance vampire Bill McGuire's $1.6 billion compensation package? These are health care dollars sucked right out of the system by folks who happen to be able to buy health insurance.

Let's get real here. America spends more per person than any country on the planet, yet enough money flies around for this guy to stick $1.6 Billion in his pocket?

Republicans are okay with this and say the market can control it, Government has no role in interfering with business practices.

Perhaps I am running laps with you and the point is lost.

I believe Americans are facing an existential threat and it is not coming from nineteen fanatics who invaded our country with box cutters.

We are destroying ourselves.