Sunday, December 30, 2007


The Dean of the Washington Press Corps, David Broder, has an article up at WaPoo outlining a meeting of very serious and mostly retired moderates from both parties that will take place in my state Just prior to the Iowa caucuses. The meeting will be hosted by David Boren, the Rocky Marciano of politics, having retired from politics undefeated. He is now President of The University of Oklahoma, where the meeting will take place.

Seems he sent out invitations to many of his old retired political chums, including New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who many view as running a potential bid for President in a third-party independent run. Mayor Bloomberg was a Republican who changed to independent this last summer, leading many to speculate on his eventual indie run. Since he is a Billionaire many times over he could very well make a respectable bid to purchase the White House.

Apparently, David Boren feels our government is "badly bent and some are concluding it is broken..."

Further fueling his and his concerned allies is the failure of both parties Presidential contenders to share their fainting sofa with them decrying the hyper partisan atmosphere in Washington during the primaries. Boren and his buddies will craft a missive at the meeting demanding leaders from both parties design a plan to unite America.

Good luck with that, Dave.

One wonders why the concern he obviously so deeply holds manifests itself now? Did he feel our government was bent, or twisted or perverted when Ted Olsen argued before the Supreme Court if they continued counting votes in Florida in 2000, his client would be irreparably harmed?

Or when the Vice-President declared he was not part of the executive branch?

Or when the Administration outed a CIA agent working on WMD's in the middle east? Or was it when the first responders to St Bernard Parrish after Katrina were Canadian Mounties?

Torture? Abu-Grahib? Renditions? Hey, let's face it, it is a target rich environment, but this maladministration is in it's twilight. In its wake exists an acutely aware electorate that associates Republican with Bush. Things are not looking so good for the GOP.

Even since the spectacular defeat of the GOP in 2006, the Republicans continue to reject any type of bipartisanship. This last session, Republican Senators set a world-record for obstructing the will of the people.

I have seen no evidence of Republicans being the slightest bit interested in compromise. Even on no-brainer stuff like helping sick children. Veto sustained. The rhetoric that emanates from the right includes phrases like "giving aide and comfort to the enemy" and "troop haters" when someone questions the wisdom of Dear Leader.

The only way one can compromise and reach unity with such people is to become one of them.

You will be assimilated...resistance is futile. Complete and total capitulation is the only compromise recognized by the modern Republican party.


Welcome to The United Fiefdoms Of America Incorporated.

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