Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dot Dot Dot, Dash Dash Dash, Dot Dot Dot

In case you forgot, that title is morse code for S.O.S. Just finished writing an email to SBC which is now AT&T asking about the story in USA Today where the NSA has asked, and received everyone's calling lists, creating the largest database ever assembled in the history of the world. Taking a cue from T-Rex and Siun, fellow FDLers, this is what I sent them:

I am very concerned with the story in USA Today that states AT&T is providing the NSA with all of my calling records. I would like assurances that you are not giving my private information to the Federal Government. If this was legal then I'm sure that QWest would have been forced to comply as well. Unless they are operating under a different set of federal laws. Some say this is a matter of National Security. Please do not include this in your response. This is a legal issue. I certainly hope you have not violated any laws as your stockholders will have to pay dearly if you have.

If you have been supplying the Federal Government with this information, please count on me to contact the numerous pension fund investors of your stock and explain the legal jeopardy you have placed their pensions in. Then I'll continue to wade through all of your financial supporters to whittle away at your cushy little insulated bubble. And so will all my friends that are on my calling and email and bloglists that you so blithely handed over to the Federal Government. Sort of a "Reach Out And Touch Someone" campaign. So, did you, or did you not decide to try and bankrupt your shareholders?

Impatiently Waiting

We gotta play hardball with these people folks. If money is what they understand, we'll just have to talk to them in that fashion. Then follow through.

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