Saturday, April 15, 2006

War On Iran

Apparently it has already started. No windy congressional debates, no podium pounding speeches from our politicians televised and hashed out by the talking heads of the corporate media. We already have boots on the ground in Iran, and have for quite some time, according to retired Colonel Sam Gardiner who taught at the National War College, the Air War College and the Naval Warfare College. He is somewhat of an authority in Bushco truthiness as he uncovered the urine soaked liar sheets of the bogeyman scare machine that brought us Iraq. As he said recently on CNN.

GARDINER: And let me say this -- I'm saying this carefully. First of all, Sy Hersh said in that article which was...

CLANCY: Yes, but that's one unnamed source.

GARDINER: Let me check that. Not unnamed source as not being valid.

The way "The New Yorker" does it, if somebody tells Sy Hersh something, somebody else in the magazine calls them and says, "Did you tell Sy Hersh that?" That's one point.

The secretary point is, the Iranians have been saying American military troops are in there, have been saying it for almost a year. I was in Berlin two weeks ago, sat next to the ambassador, the Iranian ambassador to the IAEA. And I said, "Hey, I hear you're accusing Americans of being in there operating with some of the units that have shot up revolution guard units."

He said, quite frankly, "Yes, we know they are. We've captured some of the units, and they've confessed to working with the Americans."

The evidence is mounting that that decision has already been made, and I don't know that the other part of that has been completed, that there has been any congressional approval to do this.

My view of the plan is, there is this period in which some kinds of ground troops will operate inside Iran, and then what we're talking about is the second part, which is this air strike.

And we have the ex-speaker Newt, who is still Newt and still speaking, saying crap like this:

The United States, Europe and Israel face massive destruction by a nuclear attack, Gingrich told University of South Dakota students and faculty. "This is one of the great deciding points of history," Gingrich said, opening a question-and-answer session at Farber Hall.

Folks, we cannot allow this to happen. These guys are absolutely nuts to even be considering a nuclear strike against another country. First, another word for pre-emptive war, is war. This is totally up is down Orwellian crazy talk. Prevent a war by dropping bombs on another country, maybe even nuclear bombs? How's this for sanity? To prevent war, don't start one.

It's clear that Bush has already thrown congress on the heap of irrelevance, what with his signing statements basically saying how cute he thinks their little laws are, but he's gonna do whatever he wants to do and they can't stop him. He don't need no stinking warrant! But just maybe his little Republican buddies might need a little boost in an October Surprise move so the bedwetters will scamper to the polls for protection against the screaming brown meenies.

If you don't think Georgie would start a war just to get a few votes then you haven't been paying attention. That's as far as his planning goes. Any plans for an actual war would likely bring up those pesky details like uniting Iraqi Shia with Iranian Shia and the wholesale slaughter of our forces currently in Iraq that would be sitting ducks. And the instantaneous worldwide outrage of America becoming a rogue nation, using nuclear weapons on a non-nuclear state. All our debt Bush has run up that is now in the hands of foreign countries? Whaddya think the next day is gonna look like? If George Bush, Darth Cheney and Ronald Dumsfeld drop nuclear bombs on Iran, they will become instant war criminals.

People, these guys have got to go. Generals are rebuking them. They are internationally hated and nationally not so popular either. And yet the feeling is another impending march to doom. They need to be impeached, jailed or both. Democrat led, Republican led, I really don't care. I don't even care for what reason they are impeached, the reasons are numerous, just pick one or use a dozen and make it a multiple guess kind of thing.

We are being hijacked by a leader described as having a "messianic complex" who feels he only has two years left to save the world. Rummy has consolidated American international intelligence under his own complete command and control with virtually all congressional oversight removed.

Not that that's all that important since the "Rubber Stamp Republicans" oversite is actually overlook, and congress will only be in session for like 12 days this year. Make no mistake, the situation here is totally fucked. We really need to run these guys out of town. Seriously.


sandieh said...

I liked your Rumsfeld joke of Kicking Ass.

Rumsfeld is just a personification of all the stupid decisions that have made by this administration. It's treason to weaken our military establishment at a time when we are vunerable. They all need to be indicted.

Oilfieldguy said...

The situation is serious. There will be no congressional approval. This war will occur. The only stop is for Bush to be removed from office and he will give virtually no notice before he attacks. We will have to listen for military dissent to foreshadow the attack.

Lizzy said...

Isn't it bad enough in Iraq?

Oilfieldguy said...

Isn't it bad enough in Iraq?

Not for Bushco

jenny said...

I totally agree, OFG. I am going to add your blog to my blogroll if you don't mind. And today is your lucky day because I got tagged and now I am sharing the wealth, so to speak. You get to tell 5 weird habits of yours and then tag 5 more people to do the same. Sorry! Hey, we all need a little diversion these days, don't we?

Lizzy said...

Hey where are your five weird facts.

markfromireland said...

Young Officers Join the Debate Over Rumsfeld

And yes there are US and British troops running around in Iran. This is a quite incredibly stupid thing to do. Expect to see a lot more "Iran sponsors terrorism" stuff in the near future .