Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hateful Bigots

Me thinks the wingnuts cannot help themselves. Recently, Hugh Hewitt, part of the rightwing noise machine educated Wolfe Blitzer on the well behaved right compared to the fever swamp left. Moonbat left wing bloggers have since been scouring the wingnut sites to expose the hideous bigoted underbelly of the "morally superior" bigotsphere. I'll not foul this blog with their quotes. I only question how are people like this created? How can so much hate be so rampant in one party against such a diverse group? They must start when they're very young and reinforce it over and over. I have come up with a mock dialogue to assume how this could happen. It takes place between a stay-at-home mother and her eight-year-old son in an affluent neighborhood. I'll call the son Sean H.

"Sean, it's time to get up. You don't want to grow up to be a Democrat, now do you?" Little Sean sits up, wiping the sleepy from his eyes with one hand and grooming his cowlick with the other. "What's a Democrat?" he asks. "Why Sean, It's people who want to come in here and take all our nice things, that we have worked so very hard for, and give it to layabout minorities."

I remember no such conversations in my house. Certainly I was exposed to numerous racial epitaphs, but that in itself shouldn't cause the degree of hate that exists with wingnuts. Our worldview is just so much different. I had occasion to visit Baltimore Maryland on a bolt hunt (don't ask). The only place that carried them was located in what would be called "the projects." Miles and miles of hideous multi unit dwellings. I got ill. How can any child being raised in those conditions stand a 10 percent chance of doing any good at all? I can only imagine what a winger would say seeing the same sight. "See, They're animals. That's your welfare working for you right there!" Such compassion.

Is the superiority they feel genetic? The old nature, nurture question. An early memory I have is seeing a little girl, on our way to school, giving pieces of silver, her lunch money in fact, to some boys so they would quit frying ants with a magnifying glass. That was my first experience with love at first sight.

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