Friday, January 27, 2006


I just hate crooks. These neocons that have hijacked the Republican party, from what I can tell, no other reason than financial gain and cronyism. Oh hell, instead of sweeping generalisms lets make a list shall we?
  1. Pro life. Now there's a hot button. Let's tie a bloody fetus around the neck of the 'reproductive rights crowd' so everybody knows them for the babykillers they are
  2. Family Values. A thinly veiled effort to paint the Democrats as the fag party.
  3. Vote for us or die. Again an effort to show Dems weak on defense.
  4. Government isn't the answer, it's the problem. Like a rice cake, it looks good but there's nothing there.

Okay, so we start with pro-life. The actual term we need to use in describing these guys is Pre-life. We take this lesson from the neocon playbook of controlling the language. The difference between the two is Pre-life more accurately describes the wingnuts party established pattern of not giving a fuck what happens to you after you are born. Bootstraps buddy, use your bootstraps. They can't be supporting programs that are funded by the tax cuts they need to give to their rich buddies. And, truth be told, they aren't even the pre-life party. No, really they don't care at all about it except as a way to get votes. See, this is what is called a variable belief system, or a hypocrite. For a demonstration of this we need to go to Saipan, or as it is now known, the American Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. This is a petri dish of the Republican dream; an American property with virtually no labor laws and special exemption for immigration. Living behind barbed wire and working in sweatshops for $3.15 an hour and paying 6-7 thousand dollars for these "good American jobs" is indentured servitude. But if one of them gets pregnant, abortion is the only choice they have. If they quit or run off the money they owe is due and the collectors know where there family lives. One man who spoke with 20/20 reporter Brian Ross: "With eleven thousand Chinese workers here, I have never seen a Chinese garment factory worker have a baby in my entire four years on Saipan."

In June of 1944 3,100 Marines lost their lives in the fierce 11 day battle to bring freedom and democracy to Saipan. But what does slavery and forced abortion have to do with Republicans who claim to hold this nations moral highground? Tom Delay, who is a Republican, took an all expense paid trip to Saipan with his wife, daughter and several aides and toasted his sweatshop hosts:

Delay: You are a shining light for what is happening in the Republican Party, and you represent everything that is good about what we're trying to do in America and in leading the world in the free market system.

Consolidation of wealth and power into the hands of the ruling elite, a frightened working class populace and a stain on the heroic blood of fallen heroes.

2.) Family values. Let's face it, we all know what the Republican value$ are. And who gave the fag prostitute a whitehouse press pass? This is a "shiny keys" issue. Look, look over there a pedophile trying to be a teacher. What do you mean he's a homo and not a pedophile, same thing ain't it? Degenerates are taking over the country so we need god in the class to teach 'em good. We need less amendments and more commandments. These are tough issues to debate without the wingnuts casting you as a godless sodomite. They stay on the offensive to control the debate and fill the newshole of the MSM. Health care? Fair trade? Jobs? Environment? But what does that have to do with God? Everyone knows the problem in America is lack of values so let's talk about God. Invoking Gods name for subversive tactics that blind you to the fact that Republicans are robbing this country blind with both hands is heresy.

3.)Vote for us or die. Now that's cute. Fearmongering. I noticed people have taken to calling Republicans who use this tactic 'bedwetters'. I like that. Turn the tables on them. Something that I might have missed or something in the last presidential campaign was that when we did get attacked people did die and it was G. W. Bush in the big chair at the time. He's tough on terror. RRRRRRR. Just in the nick of time eh, W? Well maybe seven minutes too late and the chair in the elementary school wasn't really all that big. And Osama bin hidin is still cuttin' videos. The 9-11 investigation clearly showed that the dashlight was blinking red and our "tough on terrorist" leader was awol. Clinton told Bush and Condi both, during the transition, after Bush became our President select, that they would be spending a lot more time on OBL than they had imagined. Boy was Clinton ever wrong on that score. Bush was trying to figure out how to get the doors open to the national treasury to give to his buddies, and who the fuck knows what Condi, our National Security Advisor was doing. No word yet on when we'll have an investigation on the massaging of intelligence for our pre-emptive war on an uninvolved 9-11 victim that had no WMD's wasn't a threat and yaddayaddayadda. We are so fucked in Iraq.

4.)Governments not the answer; it's the problem. Now I fully understand this principle--I just disagree. I invent something and want to produce it and sell it and make a shitload of money. That's the American dream. The governments going to tell me how much to pay my workers and all sorts of shit like that. Where do they get off telling me how to run my business? Well, it's taken a couple of centuries for us to forge this democracy, and were still students of it, into the regulations regarding the health and safety and pay of today's workplace. However, one can still have things manufactured with the Made In America tag, pay sharecropper wages with no benefits and get filthy rich. Go to Saipan--the Republicans have your back. This is what they want to do here. Roll back all the initiatives and regulations that years of experience have brought forth. Freedom to rape and pillage and pollute the land with impunity. Freedom to silence the bloggers and critics and enslave the unwashed masses. You think I'm shittin'? Go to Saipan. Deregulate everything and have government take a handsoff approach to business. They call it free enterprise. Except lawyers. Can't have some shyster mouthpiece taken their money when they make a colossal booboo. Yeah, gotta regulate the hell outta them lawyers.

today's Republican Party is a disgusting cesspool of greedy bastards. To defend this party for their warrantless spying, bribery, money laundering, cronyism, lying under oath, forced abortions and indentured servitude is un-American. They steal our tax dollars and put them in bills under cover of darkness as rebates for their lobby buddies. The next time you see a Republican, ask if you could at least get a reacharound while he's fucking you in the ass.


fade2bluz said...

reacharound? i don't think i know what that is. no matter, nice rant OFG. haven't seen you in a while, and it's always a pleasure to read your flowery prose.

yeah, who let that whore Bulldog in the white house? anyway, you forgot to mention the "keep women down" variable with the prelife movement. they don't like those feminazis controlling their own bodies and all...

well, getting latte. have a pleasant and safe drive to wherever you're goin'. keep on typin'

Anonymous said...

ofg why do you continue to beleive everything the media says have you been to saipan remember the falsified mil docs that cost big dan his job the list is long by the way the babes the women are aborting are a seperate life check recent scientific findings since the war in iraq 7 million dead, all aborted and i'm sure all were to save the womans life