Monday, January 30, 2006

Jerk Rippemoff

Seems George of the Bungle is still paying Abromoff back for all that money, him being a pioneer and all. The latest is by removing the chief prosecutor looking into the republican tarbaby's bribery campaign. Martin Garbus does a story about it here. Unfortunately he missed the other time dubya did this back in 2002. Seems the Superior Court of Guam didn't want the Supreme Court of Guam looking into any of their decisions, and hired everyones favorite lobbyist, Jack Abramoff to see to it the Supreme Court of Guam would MYOB. (Can anyone say stacked bench?)

This was highly irregular, and even though a money washing procedure was in place, US Attorney Frederick A. Black got wind of it and a grand jury issued a subpoena on Nov.18 2002 to Anthony Sanchez, adminstrative director of Guam Superior Court to turn over all documents, including bills and payments regarding the lobby contract.

On November 19, (that would be the next day) US Attorney Black was demoted by the Bush department and replaced with a cousin to one of the targets of the probe. Read about it in the Boston Globe here.

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