Monday, January 30, 2006

A Busted Filler

So Cheney's pissed see. Happened a long time ago, during Vietnam and Watergate. He was there, in the halls of power as the walls of the imperial presidency crumbled. He joined with the dark side and vowed the empire would strike back.

Like a shaddow on the margins of a bad dream he lurked, nursing his malice, and plotting the return of the king. Never mind that the reduction in Presidential power was caused by collosal Presidential mistakes, the Sith Lord was determined to find a sockpuppet to rule the world. mmmmkay? Like minded Karl Rove brought forth the doppleganger, with ample room for both hands. Daddy had set enough judges for the selection of the coronation, no need to count the votes.

And so it was that while leaders cleared brush (anagram of shrub?) read childrens books and basked in their mandate, heedless of a sycophony of warnings, a dark cloud rose up from the east and smote the Republic in the nose; laying waste a multitude of humanity. The Sith Lord seized the opportunity and moved swiftly to restore and even expand the powers of the Emperor sock puppet. Torture? No problem, just get the Office of Legal Council to back you with a memo and viola! you got it. Abu Gonzales to the rescue. Eavesdrop on anyone you want without a warrant. OLC to the rescue. Dissenters get bypassed and ridiculed. Eventually they give up and quit. Nothing but neocons and imperialists as far as the eye can see from the echo chamber of the Oval Office.

Need a bigger fight with more headlines and fear and shock and awe? No problem, get the spooks inline with some shake and bake intell and bring 'em on. Billions of dollars later with a couple thousand bodybags and a constitution in tatters, the questions get louder and are answered with stern lectures of bringing aid and comfort to the enemy. The darkside outruns the Sith Lord and the rules and ethics no longer seem to apply as a wave of invincibility grips the republican party. Like sailors on shore leave, they behave very badly. Investigations and convictions of corruption, bribery, perjury, obstruction of justice run rampant. The treasury is raided and bills are corrupted in the dark of night. Eight billion vanishes in Iraq. Twenty two billion is given back to the insurance industry in a bill behind closed doors by 2 republicans.

And there is Alito. Consistently voting in favor of corporations and against the ordinary citizen, is in favor of the Unitary Authority policy and against reproductive rights. In a valiant 11th hour fillibuster attempt, the Democrats fell short. Those in favor of fillibuster should be lionized; those who didn't should be admonished. FISA calls for a warrant. Anyone violating FISA is guilty of a crime that includes jail time. If Alito is the deciding vote expanding the Presidents inherent authority in a time of "war" on terror, it will be viewed as a collosal failure of democrats to keep this imperialist off the bench, and a complete victory for the Sith Lord and the Return of the King. God Help Us All.

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