Friday, March 06, 2009

In Support Of The Freedom Of Choice Act

It seems a few Oklahoma bloggers are opposed to this legislation. Steve, over at the Otter Limits, and Dave at Oklahoma lefty are uncomfortable with a bunch of unregulated vaginae running around, and get patted on the head by Red Stater, a hard right-wing wackjob lightweight.

Steve put up a post titled "What The Heck Is FOCA?" and concluded the federal government were stripping away states rights, will be in the business of "promoting" abortions (I can't seem to find the ad budget on this) and "taxpayers should not be forced to fund something we do not believe in."

His conclusions were not validated by any source material whatsoever. Here is some information about FOCA from NARAL, the national pro-choice lobby.

If Steve and Dave and Red are opposed to abortion they have the right to choose not to get one. As far as "states rights" issues, since Roe v. Wade was decided, over 500 anti-choice laws (aka "coat-hanger laws) have been passed since 1995. Seems some women have more reproductive rights than others. I pay taxes everyday for things I do not believe in. A million dead in Iraq comes to mind. This is why we have elections.

We have always had abortion on demand. Sometimes it's legal and sometimes it's not. The law has no affect on how many abortions are performed, but illegal ones kill a lot more women. To oppose this legislation will not slow the number of abortions, it will only kill more women.

Doesn't seem to be very pro-lifey to me.

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