Saturday, March 07, 2009

Go All In

Recently the head of the republican party, Rush Limbaugh, proclaimed his desire for the President of The United States to fail in his efforts to save the economy. Where is the Senate Resolution condemning Rush's desire to turn our nation into The Feudal States of America? The precedent was set when the Senate voted to condemn's ad entitled "General Betrayus." The non-binding resolution passed 75-25, forcing many Democrats to publicly refute the left-wing organization.

Rush has said many outrageous things in his career as a vile-merchant. His hoping America falls into a Great depression should headline the list of condemnations debated on the Senate floor, and each and every republican, the ones that are left anyway, should be forced to declare on the record if they agree with Rush's opinions. Does the republican party represent the small ceramic dog in the back window of Rush's slimedozer, head bobbing dutifully up and down, or are they capable of independent thought?

On the one hand, they would face the ire of the majority of Americans. On the other, they face the wrath of Rush's 20 million flying monkeys.

Make a resolution. It would be a great moment in popcorn history.

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