Friday, May 16, 2008


This clip is painful to watch simply because some rightard idiot yammers on incessantly about something he has some vague notion of as being bad, but does not know why, or how.

He is, like most low information rightards, merely a pez-dispenser of rightwing talking points seated in the Amen section of neoconservative Stepford nirvana.

Chris Matthews has been on the receiving end of much criticism (deservedly) from myself and others of the left, but in this instance I doff my hard hat to him.

More please sir, early and often.

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BigAssBelle said...

that was pretty delicious. even more delicious was a sober chris matthews appearing on keith olbermann's friday night hour (hosted by miss rachel maddow) and talking about the power of words and how these emotion-laden words have been used to divide us and to stifle dissent, something he called "undemocratic." it was quite impressive and i have to give him credit. like you, i've been disgusted with him most of the time and then he comes out with a gem like that interview with maddow. and of course giving the shrieking right wing looney a major dose of comeuppance.