Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jane Sends Dear John Letter

updated below
Jane Hamsher files FEC complaint against John McCain, and explains it all in the video, well most of it anyway. See, the Federal Election Commission cannot function to give permission to McCain and his alleged illegal campaign financing, spending $4 million over the limit after accepting public financing, due to vacancies.

An easy fix, right? Just appoint some folks and get to it. Well, not so fast. The Bush administration tried to "bundle" seriously chronic and flagrant vote suppressor, Hans Von Spakovsky, with a group of lesser-known lapdog lickspittle corporate reactionaries onto the FEC. Van Spakovsky was so heinous (read a little about his fevered schemes for a "permanent Republican majority" here) the administration installed the little "vote fixer" as a recess appointment. When it came time to formally clear congress, the Democrats amazingly found a spine and rejected him, causing Miss McConnell, R-Kentucky, the minority leader for the Senate, to throw a hissy fit and leave the posts unfilled.

So here is John McCain, hoist by his own petard, accepting public financing when he was sucking hind tit on the campaign trail, thinking he can just say he was teasing now that he is the presumptive nominee.

Since Campaign finance reform is a centerpiece of his identity, his apparent circumvention of the law in the area of campaign finance should call into question his integrity as a "straight talker."

We doubt his base will even notice, so take a minute and sign the petition that asks McCain to obey the law he helped write.


CNN just picked up on the story:

Credit where credit is due: Good on CNN for at least bringing up the subject. Hopefully they will do a follow-up and force the other media outlets to look at McCains apparently illegal campaign financing.

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How Insane Is John McCain? said...

You'd think the media would be all over this.

But wait. That would require actually reporting the truth about John McCain.